Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"MissVickyWine" Fleurie Cru Beaujolais is now available in the US!

We're very pleased to inform you that the lovely Fleurie Cru Beaujolais from Miss Vicky Wine is now available in the US!

This Fleurie is fresh, elegant, fun and sexy. You will love its feminine features and gourmand flavors of ripe cherry and red currant. Soft and crispy in the mouth, it is also a bouquet of flowers to give you a breath of spring. It would be a perfect accompaniment with summer dishes or on its own. This wine goes very well with poultry, soups, lightly spiced dishes, goat cheese or Camembert.

Miss Vicky Wine is very big with social media. To appreciate that, we will give free shipping to all the wine lovers who are connected to us:

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Here is the link to the store:

You're going to love this wine! Cheers!!

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