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DOMODIMONTI "Natural Wines"... A DREAM of Francesco and Marisa Bellini comes to Life at VINO 2011 in New York by Philip S. Kampe

DOMODIMONTI is a boutique winery located in the picturesque countryside of Montefiore dell'Aso in Le Marche, Italy. In 2003, while Franceso and his wife Marisa were in Italy, an opportunity came their way to purchase an 'Antique Catina' with over 80 acres of vineyards and over 17 acres of olive groves.

The idea of producing their own NATURAL Wine in the region where they grew up was to realize a dream. On August 28th, 2010, Domodiomonti's new state -of-the-art winery, designed to generate the least amount of visual and ecological impact on the environment was inaugurated. It is a testament to the continuous drive of producing natural wine.

Domodimonti's ambition is to make the highest quality Natural wine does not only depend on quality grapes, fertile land, ample percipitation or plenty of sun, but, also, a highly qualified team. At Domodimonti, inspiration and guidance is given by internationally renowned winemaker, CARLO FERRINI, who in turns adds a unique presence to the team. Without the experienced and dedicated winegrowers, vineyard workers, winery staff, enologists and agromomists, Domodimonti would have never been able to achieve the original dream.

Today, the wines from Domodimonti are on view at the largest Italian Wine Show in North America, VINO 2011.
At Booth 233, you will be able to sample the wines of winemaker Carlo Ferrini:

Passerina "DeJav" 2009
Pecorino "Licoste" 2009
Rosso "Picens" 2006
Sangiovese "Monte Fiore" 2009
Rosso "messia" 2006

To learn more about the wines from Domodimonti, visit:
or Contact the Global Represenative for Domodimonti wines, MARCO SCAPAGNINI at:

Now is the time to ask your local wine shop to carry Domodimonti Wines.
Share the DREAM with Franceso and Marisa Bellini!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

La SOIREE des GRANDE CRUS....Meet, Drink and Join BORDEAUX'S NEW GENERATION of Winemakers and Chateaux Owners...A MUST ATTEND EVENT in New York City..

In less than a week, the BORDEAUX WINE JOURNEY of a LIFETIME begins.

This MUST ATTEND event is like none other.....On the evening of Thursday, January 27th,
82 MERCER Street in SOHO, will be transformed into a MODERN BORDEAUX WINE CELLAR, complete with GRAND CRUS CLASSE de BORDEAUX's New Generation of Winemakers and Estate owners, showcasing wines from both the Left and Right Bank.


The JOURNEY begins at 6pm for Early Access Tickets ($250) and 7:30pm for General Admission Tickets ($185) ...DON'T LET THE PRICE SCARE YOU!!!

for GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS at 7:30pm...TICKETS, for readers only cost $135++

What you get is a SPECIAL and certainly UNIQUE BORDEAUX JOURNEY, wine cellar style, with the opportunity to meet and speak directly with SEVENTEEN Chateau owners and Winemakers, while drinking and discussing their wines. The fabled 2000 and 2005 vintages will be part of this Exceptional Wine tasting, which includes illustious Estates, such as Chateau Grand Mayne (St. Emilion Grand Cru Classe) ; Chateau Dassault (St. Emilion Grand Cru Classe); Chateau Lafon-Rochet (Saint Estephe Grand Cru Classe); Chateau de Fieuzal (Pessac Leognan);
Chateau la Conseillante (Pomerol) and Chateau Malartic Lagraviere (Grand Cru Class de Graves). The wineries make up about 5% of the total Bordeaux production. Wines representing SAUTERNES, SAINT JULIEN, PAUILLAC, POMEROL, MARGAUX, SAINT EMILION and PESSAC-LEOGNAN will be poured.

Hors d'oeuvres , cheese and chocolates created just for the evening by Third Generation Chocolatier Francois Payard, will be passed around. Francois Payard has made chocolates to pair with the six Boredeaux Appellations. This should be quite a treat.

To top the evening and a chance to take home a BREITLING CHRONOMAT B01 or Exceptional bottles of wine (Magnums and Double Magnums) donated by the Chateau's, ENTER the BREITLING WINE CHALLENGE.

Test your knowledge of Bordeaux wines by answering FIVE questions correctly. ELEVEN guests with the highest scores will be selected for a BLIND TASTING of SIX wines. The WINNER will be awarded a BREITLING CHRONOMAT B01 worth $7690 or a Rare Magnum or Double Magnum bottle of Bordeaux wine.

Sponsors for the evening include: HUGO BOSS; HSBC Banking: BREITLING; SOFITEL HOTELand and OPENSKIES team up with LA SOIRRE des GRAND CRUS to offer the guests a unique land experience, on site.

Another SURPRISE includes a FREE OPENSKIES journey in PARIS for two.

Participation is included in the ticket price.

This BLIND TASTING easily justifies the ticket price and should encourage everyone to attend.
I know many of our readers could win this contest.

Please BUY YOUR TICKETS for $135 using the PROMOTION Code: BORDEAUX

JANUARY 27th is shaping up to be a NIGHT TO REMEMBER..

TICKETS for this Event----La SOIREE des GRANDS CRUS---at 82 MERCER Street, between Spring and Broome, can be Purchaed by visiting:

I look forward to seeing you at this Event!!!!


VINITALY TO RING CLOSING BELL at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in SUPPORT of the American Cancer Society on January 24th by Philip S. Kampe

GIOVANNI MANTOVANI, CEO of VERONAFIERE, organizers of VINITALY and Vinitaly World Tour ( ) will ring the Closing Bell (4pm EST) on Monday, January 24th at the NASDAQ Stock Headquarters in New York City.

Mr. Giovanni Mantovani will ring the closing bell together with executives from the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and two of the leading Italian women in wine; MARILLISA ALLEGRINI from Allegrini Wines ( ) and CRISTINA MARIANI-MAY, CEO of Banfi Vintners ( ).

" We are thrilled at this exciting opportunity to be part of the closing ceremony. The United States is the most important market for Italian wine and we want to underscore our committment to the American wine drinkling public" said Mr. Mantovani, along with his Senior Advisor, Ms. STEVIE KIM.

Italian wine is Ranked as the number one imported wine in America. Controlling a whopping 32.5% of the imported wine market in America, Italian wines have a price/quality ratio that hits Americas' sweet spot at a time when wines from other countries often struggle with price point and supply issues.

The ringing of the Closing Bell will be held in conjunction the American Cancer Society. Vinitaly is hosting a wine tasting with wines from Allegrini and Banfi to benefit the organization. This is the second event Vinitaly has held with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Total proceeds for the two events will exceed $40,000.

Tickets for a Consumer American Cancer Society Fundraiser featuring wines from Allegrini and Banfi, from 6-8pm on 24 January, can be purchased at: . The event will be held at Hope Lodge, located at 132 West 32nd.
Tickets will not be sold at the door.

These events are also part of VINO 2011, known as Italian Wine Week in New York. Events take place from 23-27 January and are organized by the Italian Trade Commission.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

The LOIRE VALLEY WINE REVOLUTION by Maria and Philip S. Kampe

It is a time to step back into history.....a time when poets, writers and artists shared France's LAND OF ENCHANTMENT, a countryside dotted with a pastoral landscape of gentle, rolling hills, flowers the colors of the rainbow and vineyards producing France's BEST Wines.
We are in France's 'Jardin de Eden' (Garden of Eden)....a destination of the Gods!
Welcome to the LOIRE Valley....a region unchanged for centuries.
The Loire Valley is a kaleidoscope of cobblestone streets, gabled houses, small footbridges, Renaissance gardens, gothic churches and magnificient Chateaux's coupled with France's unique Medieval Archtitecture.

Ceci est la terre d'enchanement.....
Loire Valley's storybook setting is home to the world's most renowned wines, all with a bit of history in each drop. World class white wines, like Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume, Chenin Blanc, Muscadet flourish in this idyllic 'GARDEN OF FRANCE.'
The Loire Valley is also home to Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.

Eprouver les vins de la vallee de Loire sont d'Eprovur Vie.

My out-of-body experience began at a recent trade tasting of Loire Valley wines in New York City. The tasting was held at a tiny, rustic, quaint French bistro that brought you back in time and space to the area around Anjou in the 19th century. The intimate tasting brought to mind that there are three white grape varieteies with which to become familiar. To understand the Loire Valley is to understand SAUVIGNON BLANC, CHENIN BLANC and MELON de BOURGOGNE. Besides learning about the grape varieties, two other factors are important to understand: STYLE and VINTAGE.

My journey began with SAUVIGNON BLANC, a grape originally from southwest France. My hosts explained that Sauvignon Blanc gets it's name from the French word, SAUVAGE, which means WILD and BLANC, which means WHITE. The grape buds late, but ripens early and flourishes in cooler climates. Wines from Sauvignon Blanc are normally consumed young. Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume are examples of wines from the Loire Valley that are made only with the Sauvignon Blanc grape.
As we all know, the Sauvignon Blanc grape is planted worldwide. The Loire Valley is divided into three sub-regions: Lower Loire (Pays Nantais)-Middle Loire (Anjou/Salmur/Touraiene) and the Upper Loire (Sancerre/Pouilly-Fume/Menetou-Salon/Quincy). The Loire Valley and the Loire River is France's largest white wine region and runs 634 miles from it's headwaters in Central France to its delta on the Atlantic coast at Nantes.
The area is beautiful and France's third most popular tourist region, behind Paris and the Riviera. The Loire is also France's third leading AOC producer.

Let's first focus on the Sauvignon Blanc grape. The grape is used in the dessert wine, Sauternes and can age up to fifteen years in oak. Sauvignon Blanc produces wines that are aromatic with bright acidity. It sounds crazy, but it is true: Experts describe the flavor of Sauvignon Blanc with the following terms. Look for hints of celery, stone, gunflint, gooseberry, herb, lemon-grass, grapefruit, capsicum and asparagus.
The grape is very versatile for food pairings. I asked many chefs what food would they serve Sauvignon Blanc with and the answers included: Smoked salmon+Chevre (goat) cheese+Spicy Shrimp Ravioli in a citrus achiote vinaigrette; Spring green salad with Chevre and citrus in a caramelized green pepper; Grilled marinated Shrimp with fresh melon salsa; Risotto of Lobster and sea vegetables with peas and asparagus; Quenelles of Lobster, Scallops and Leeks; White meat chicken and Veal with cream sauce.

Isn't this enough to make you want to purchase a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy these dishes? I have a few Sauvignon Blanc favorites that I would like to recommend.

My first choice would be: Le Petite Premiere SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008 by GUY SAGET
Jean-Louis and Christen Saget, known as the SAGET Brothers, produce outstanding wines on their limestone and clay base 150 acre vineyard. The Le Petite Previere Sauvignon Blanc 2008 represents a wine with conviction and intensity. There is an obvious ripe peach and apricot aroma that is quickly followed by a complex ripe melon flavor that explodes on your palate. I like this wine alot. It fits perfectly into my budget at $11.99 a bottle.

My second favorite and moderately priced ($14.99) Sauvignon Blanc is:
Joel Delaunay SAUVIGNON de TOURAINE 2008
Joel Delaunay produces special wines that are memorable on the palate. The Sauvignon de Touraine 2008 is an example of a wine that has perfect balance, lots of acidity and a mix of aromas that include mint, grass, summer flowers, green apples and melon. On the palate a lively, crisp mouth feel of lemon, kiwi, lime and grapefruit prevail, followed by a long finish. This wine is a great introduction to the Sauvignon Blanc grape.

SANCERRE is made from the SAUVIGNON BLANC grape and is a wonderful wine to learn about. My hosts explained that Sancerre is produced in fifteen villages in the Loire Valley.
The wines from Bue and Chavignol are considered the best examples of Sancerre. The Sancerre grape grown in the marl (white soil) is normally fruity and well-balanced, although that is debatable. The Sancerre grape grown in limestone is full-flavored and is known at various times to be less stable. Sancerre dates back to the Roman times and was mentioned by Gregory of Tours in 582.
Sancerre wines are generally dry with a round mouth. The wines are normally fresh, well-balanced and can be drunk young, from 2-3 years after harvest. Sancerre has the potential for aging. The aromas range from floral to fruity to citrus fruit, depending on the soil where the vine is planted. The hue is green or pale yellow. Sancerre wines are special and favor foods. Foods that pair well with Sancerre include many that I grew up with in New Orleans. Obvious pairings include: Shellfish, Sardines, Sea Bass, Chevre (goat cheese), Lemon-herbed chicken, Grilled fish with mango sauce, Caprese salad (mozzarella, tomatoes, basil), Fettuccine Alfredo, Sushi and Sashimi and Seafood pasta. As you can see, Sancerre's full flavor profile and citrus fruit backbone
create a match in heaven. Sancerre can be a bit pricey on the budget. I believe it is money well spent.
My favorite Sancerre's include:
Crochet SANCERRE CROIX du ROY 2008
This is an amazing, complex Sancerre with a chalky, nearly musty concentration of herbs, lime and grapefruit that creates an acidic masterpiece. Aging is a must, even though it is difficult to resist the temptation of consuming the wine after immediately.
This $22.99 bottle drinks well about its cost.

My second favorite Sancerre is priced in everyone's budget ($15.99) and is:
This is another amazing, complex Sancerre with flavors of butter, lime, chives, talcum powder and flint. The wine is crisp, clean and grassy with a hint of citrus on the nose. This is a great bottle to open and savor with some of my personal food suggestions.

The main grape of the Middle Loire (remember Anjou/Salmar and Touraine) is CHENIN BLANC, also known as PINEAU de la LOIRE. Chenin Blanc originated in the Anjou wine region in the 9th century. Chenin Blanc buds early and ripens late. Because of its susceptibility to boytrytis cinerea and it's ability to retain acidity, is often used for dessert wines. If planted in sandy soils, a lighter, faster maturing wine is produced. If planted in limestone based soils, a more acidic wine is produced. The versatility of the grape allows vineyards to produce wines, both sweet and dry, still and sparkling. Chenin Blanc wines from Samur and Savennieries tend to be dry. Chenin Blanc wines from Anjou and Vouvray tend to be off-dry. Chenin Blanc wines from Coteaux du Layon and Quarts de Chaume are dessert wines. Sparkling wines from Cremant de Loire make the Loire Vallet France's second largest sparkling producer

Trademarks of CHENIN BLANC are honey, honeysuckle, quince, honeydew, cantaloupe, grass, hay, iodine, flint smoke, vanilla and oak. Look for primary fruit aromas of peach, quince, apple and pear.: secondary aromas of clotted cream and buttermilk and tertiary aromas of ripe grain, marzipan and toasted nuts. On the palate, a nutty, floral, honeyed flavor coats the mouth. Couple that with acidity and minerality.
Sounds very complex, doesn't it? The acidity and minerality pair well or should I say perfectly with shellfish, sushi and yellowtail sahimi, curried chicken salad, roasted duck in fruit sauce and Thai green papaya salad. If cheese is your thing, camambert pairs perfectly.
Thanks to the numerous BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) restaurants in New Jersey, I have become aware of what wine matches well with what food. I normally bring wine with me that will work with the cuisine of the night.

My favorite Chenin Blanc for food pairing is:
This is a perfect example of Chenin Blanc at its best. What aromas you smell are passed directly onto your palate. The Champalou VOUVRAY FONDRAUX 2008 has aromas of ginger, nutmeg, quince, pineapple and lime. These aromas transfer to your palate creating a complex, lingering finish of oily, citris sweetness. I would buy two bottles ($17.99) and age the second bottle. With a couple years of aging, the nuances of Chenin Blanc will fill your palate. My second choice is
Francois Chidaine VOUVRAY ARGILES 2008
The style of this versatile grape exhibits zesty minerality in the form of lemon, nectarine, orange and melon on the nose followed by apple, pear, honeydew and plum on the palate.
This Vouvray has a very long finish and is a wonderful meal wine for $17.99 a bottle. It is normally my 'go to' wine of choice.

Of course, there is always MUSCADET, made from the
Melon de Bourgogne or Melon for short, grape. More Muscadet is produced in the Loire Valley than any other wine. It was first planted in the 17th century. The wine originally had a musk like flavor, described as: "Vin qui a un gout musque". Normally Muscaet is primarily produced in the western part of the Loire Valley near Nantes. Many of the Muscadet wines are aged "sur lie" (dead yeast cells which have settled to the bottom of the tank or barrel after the alcoholic fermentation. This process gives Muscadet its creaminess and rounded mouth feel. Muscadet is a lively and complex wine that is very floral and fruity with herbal overtones. A tangy, savory, mineralilty prevails on the palate. Fruit flavors like apple, grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange come to mind. Muscadet is the number one seafood wine. Perfect pairings begin with oysters, shrimp, mullets and lobsters.
Muscadet is generally inexpensive and easy to find. Some of my favorite wines include:
The Delhommeau Muscadet Harmonie 2009 is a mineral driven citrus oriented wine that is lively and tangy. Orange, mango and nectarine elements blend to create this mineral driven complex wine. The finish has an herbal quality that is followed by a tangy jolt. At $11.99 a bottle, it is hard to pass up this value. I also like: Fessardiere MUSCADET 2007
The Fessardiere Muscadet 2007 is an overly complex wine that has hints of juniper berry mixed with fennel and grapefruit. Your palate explodes with toasted nuts and chalk flavors that create a long and lasting finish. This is an exciting wine that has no equal. At $14.99, it is a compelling buy. I always have a few bottles on hand, as I am a true seafood lover who cooks shrimp, scallops and lobster weekly.

As you can see, the LOIRE VALLEY is a unique area of the world where complex styles of wine are produced along the Loire River and its valley.
The 'terroir' is the main ingredient that gives the unique grape flavors that are only found in the Loire Valley. Obviously, the world has tried to imitate the wines of the Loire Valley, but, that is impossible. The soils are unique, as is the weather.

It is time for the Loire Valley White Wine Revolution - a wine revolution where you, the consumer can focus on "Three of Loire Valley's Great Grapes:" SAUVIGNON BLANC, CHENIN BLANC and MELON de BOURGOGNE..

Tell your friends and the world about these grapes and wines, and just maybe the LOIRE VALLEY WHITE WINE REVOLUTION will begin throughout the World.

Il n'ya qu'une seule de la Loire dans le Monde!


One of the pillars of TheWineHub is Wine Tourism. Whether you are a wine maker, or a wine drinker, we all enjoy having discoveries... TheWineHub exists to help you with that.

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AN UMBRIAN NIGHT TO REMEMBER .... at New York's CHARMING " IL BUCO" Enoteca by Philip S. Kampe

HEAVEN in the MEDITTERANEAN exists at New York's " IL BUCO" Restaurant, located at 47 Bond Street.

Once an antique shop, IL BUCO, has grown into a 'Home away from Home' for food and wine lovers from throughout the world. The original owners, filmmaker DONNA LENNARD and Umbrian ALBERTO AVALLE, converted the antique shop into an ENOTECA, shortly after opening in 1994. Donna, now owns the restaurant.

Located on a cobblestone street, off of New York's beaten path, IL BUCO, is a charming Enoteca with an eclectic menu.

The award winning wine cellar is the creation of ROBERTO PARIS, an Umbrian childhood friend of Alberto Avalle. Over 400 wines, from small, lesser known producers prevail.

Plus, I noticed a farm table in the center of the wine cellar, with waiters serving eight people a special meal in the wine cave. What a novel idea!!

Sommelier PAUL LANG has taken over Roberto Paris's duty.

iL BUCO is a great spot.
You feel tucked away from Manhattan and transported to a friend's country house in Umbria. It is cozy, quaint and rustic.

The location was a perfect setting for ALESSANDRA PAMBUFFETTI and her husband, MAURO's presentation on their magnificent VILLA in Umbria.

VILLA PAMBUFFETTI is an amazing Villa, located just outside the walls of Montefalco.
Several bottles of "Caprai" GRECHETTO, ROSSO di MONTEFALCO and SAGRANTINO di MONTEFALCO were placed on the communal table, to be shared by all.

As a frequent visitor to Umbria and lover of Sagrantino, I was transported back to Montefalco.

Peasent bread dipped in Umbrian olive oil, made especially for iL BUCO was served along with local salami ( la quercia ham, homemade coppa and lardo), bruschette( ricotta, aarugula,trumpet royal mushroom) and olives from the Umbrian countryside.

After taking several sips of an Umbrian Caprai Grechetto, a magnificent Crochette di Baccala (cod) was served followed by Cachi con Finocchio ( persimmons, fennel, hazelnuts, mint, parmesan), a perfect mouth cleanser.

Onto the main course, Porchetta (roasted flying pigs farm pork, sauteed winter greens, Umbrian beans in olive oil). This five star dish was served with Umbria's most famous wine, Caprai's Sagrantino di Montefalco.

The Umbrian food orgy was followed with fromaggi (pecorino toscano and pienza) and blueberry mustarda), biscotti and caffe.

To experience the feel of Umbria, visit iL BUCO in New York or travel to Umbria and spend your vacation at the Four Star VILLA PAMBUFFETTI, complete with a cooking school and resident chef.

Visit to learn more about this Fabulous restaurant.

Visit to book your Umbrian vacation.



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And so has our First CONTEST, with a SPECIAL REWARD for the Winning Contestant.

Yes, the QUIZ is always a true, free for all Contest, but, the Prize, other than World Wide Fame is Limited!

Later this Month, we will set up the RULES for this contest, with a SPECIAL PRIZE for the winner.

Basically, the contest is SIMPLE!

The most original, visual, location wise, PHOTOGRAPH of a Contestant Wearing a
WINE HUB T-shirt will be the WINNER.

The WINE HUB T-SHIRTS are advertised on our HOME Page.
You need to wear one to Qualify.


(Note about the photo: LUIZ ALBERTO, in Brazil, wearing a WINE HUB T-Shirt..

Philip S. Kampe

Thursday, January 6, 2011


On a recent visit to the Vineyards of FONGOLI in MONTEFALCO, I had the opportunity to DISCOVER the 'GEM of VILLA's in Umbria, VILLA PAMBUFFETTI.

VILLA PAMBUFFETTI stands outside the walls of Montefalco, close to Assisi and Spoleto, and is surrounded by a century old tree park. The Villa is within walking distance of the walls of Montefalco. The short hike is pleasent, beautiful and memorable, especially if you bring an Umbrian lunch with you, prepared at the Villa, and a bottle of the local wine, MONTEFALCO ROSSO or SAGRANTINO.

VILLA PAMBUFFETTI is a family run hotel with 15 rooms, all furnished with lavish antiques, acquired from the previous owner, COUNT SILENCI.

The PAMBUFFETTI Family purchased the Villa in 1940 from the Count and completely restored it's integrity. VILLA PAMBUFFANTTI opened to guests in 1992.

The rooms are spacious with views of Perugia and Spoleto.

When you enter VILLA PAMBUFFANTTI, you enter the Pambuffetti family's Umbrian Palazzo, where the evergreen, cedar and cypress trees have been on the estate since the 18th century.
The lobby has a beautiful antique fireplace, wood crafted moulding is everywhere and tiles from Umbria dominate the floor. It is hard to tell what is original and what was modernized.

The art, tradition and culture, from centuries ago, live in the family's Palazzo.

Meals highlighting Umbrian specialties, including truffles, are served in the garden, in front of the Villa.

The restaurant teaches 'COOKING CLASSES', specializing in local Umbrian dishes, utilizing local products, including the estates organic olive oil. Many articles have been written about Mrs. ALESSANDRA, the famous in-house cook, who teaches 'Cooking Classes', upon request, at the Hotel.

The Villa is beautiful, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

VILLA PAMBUFFANTTI is a pet-friendly, Four Star Hotel, with WiFi, a heated swimming pool and a 'World Class Restaurant'.

The Pambuffantti family is presently in New York, working with Director-North America, Mr. Riccardo Strano and the Italian Goverment Tourist Board, promoting their hotel.

They will be in town through January 11th.

If you are a Travel Agent or Travel Writer and would like to learn more about VILLA PAMBUFFETTI, please contact Marzia Bortolin at the Italian Goverment Tourist Board in New York at (212) 245-5618.

Please visit Villa Pambuffetti's webiste at: for more information, including rates, photos and days of availability.

The hotel re-opens on 12 February, just in time for Valentine's Day.

I hope to see you there!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wines of Portugal International Conference - Part 2 - Visit to Afros Project (Vinho Verde)

In the midst of a luxurious landscape dominated by green shades of exuberant vegetation, lies a small piece of paradise - the Quinta do Casal do Paço, that we had the opportunity to visit during our trip to Portugal in December.
Vasco Croft, who is really passionate about viticulture and wines, was kind enough to explain to us his methods (he is a biodynamic producer) and showed the beautiful Quinta and his wines to our group.

  A traditional property of the ancient local Aristocracy, the Quinta has at its centre a remarquable species of noble Rural Architecture, and has been in the hands of the Vaz Guedes family since the 17th century.This  and other buildings in granite, some dating as far back as the 16th century, can be found within the property. However, these are not the oldests signs of civilization here. Pre-Roman ruins, objects and ceramics, give us evidence of human presence beyond the records of history.

  With exceptional conditions of soil and solar exposition, the vineyards lie on softly inclined hills looking over the Lima River. More than 20 hectares of an ecologically sound territory, rich in bio-diversity, in which we find, besides the vines, forests with species of acacia, oak, beech, pine and eucalyptus, chestnuts orchards and a park of century old monumental trees.

  Economically sustained by viticulture since we know, the vineyard has always been highly appreciated by the merchants that travelled the region in search for wines for the cities, for they usually offered for the renowned "Vinho do Casal" the double of the standard market price.

Click here to see the movie:

And also some of the pictures that we took that day. I hope you enjoy them.


How Hungarian Cabernet Franc Changed My Life by Philip S. Kampe

My Dad was known to his friends as ‘Cab Franc.’ You see, his name was really Joseph and all of his social time with visiting frien...