Monday, February 7, 2011


Like New Orleans at Mardi Gras, the town of CHABLS came alive for the Patron Saint of Winegrowers, SAINT-VINCENT Festival.

The Festival took place in the town of Chablis. The Festival moves from town to town, yearly. Chablis last hosted the event in 1999. Preperation took place months in advance.

The town was dressed up. Flags, flowers, and everything imaginable, wine and grape related covered the streets and buildings. It was a feast for the eyes.

The day started at 9am at St. Martin Church. The two hour mass included offerings to SAINT-VINCENT, festive songs and sharing of local bread from man's bounty.

Afterwards, a procession began with the carrying of Saint-Vincent through the streets. Each wine appellation carried their flag with their version of Saint-Vincent through the town. A band played and marshalls dressed in the traditional yellow and green robes marched through the streets.

The town of Chablis was alive!

The processional ended and speeches in honor of Saint-Vincent began. At noon the speeches ended and the party began. The sidewalks were alive with Chablis flowing. Vendors sold oysters and escargot to accompany your glass of Chablis. A one time charge of 5 euros secured a glass that could be refilled all day at the festival.

I managed to find a huge tent that served Chablis and food with musical entertainment. I found a seat at a table, ordered oysters and paid homage to Saint-Vincent., glass by glass.
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