Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life after VINITALY...A visit to DOMODIMONTI "Natural Wines" from Le Philip S. Kampe

VINITALY, home of more than 38,000 wines, was my home for five days. This years event, located in VERONA, drew 156,000 guests.

ALL of the attendees had the same idea.

The task was simple. Find a company that EXPORTS to the USA and find a wine that fits
into the price/quality evaluation.

I found many that fit, notably DOMODIMONTI "Natural Wines" from Le Marche. Their wines were recently introduced into the United States by Domodimonti Wine Marketer, Marco Scapagnini.

Domodimonti imports and distributes the wine through MHW, a NY/NJ based warehouse and distributor.

Wines range from $12 to $29 a bottle

 The two white wines that stand out are DEJA V, a wine made from the indigenous PASSERINA grape and IL COSTE, made from the indigenous PECORINO grape. Both grapes grow in Le Marche and Abruzzo. IL COSTE is 20% oaked and elegant, while DEJA V is a universally favored seafood wine, that is crisp and flavorful.

The red wines that stand out are MONTE FIORE, a 100% SANGIOVESE wine (Le Marche borders Tuscany)and PICENS, a blend of MONTEPULCIANO, SANGIOVESE, MERLOT and CABERNET SAUVIGNON. PICENS is best chilled for a few minutes before serving, while MONTE FIORE drinks best at room temperature.

The third red, IL MESSIA, is a blend of MONTEPULCIANO and MERLOT. The 2006 vintage was recently released and lives up to the hype as a 'Classic Red Wine from Le Marche'. Silky tannins and true expression make this wine sought after by wine collectors and wine drinkers.

 I spent three nights at the vineyards at Domodimonti and learned the process involved in their Natural winemaking. CARLO FERRINI, one of Italy's top wine makers and consultants advises Domodimonti. His contribution has put DOMODIMONTI heads above rival wineries in the Le Marche region.

Visit to learn more about this Exceptional Company.

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