Friday, October 4, 2013

Home from Argentina by Philip S. Kampe

                                         El Tigre, a delta river town near Buenos Aires

I apologize for not having time to post my journey around Argentina in a more timely fashion.
When you travel from Buenos Aires to Mendoza to Patagonia and then back to Buenos Aires in a three week period of time, you have the luxury of observing life and wine styles in many areas of this 'bigger than life' country.
Waking up to Tango in Buenos Aires versus waking up to the Andes in Mendoza are definite opposites.

Wineries in Patagonia make you feel like you are on the moon. They are space like structures in the middle of nowhere. If you have no water for irrigation, you have no wine.
Thankfully the Andes mountains plus a couple of rivers control the water supply in the wine country.

The food from all regions is outrageous, as well as the amount of wine choices in any given restaurant.

The public transit in Buenos Aires is easy to navigate, inexpensive and overly efficient. I prefer the bus system over the underground because of the views.

More stories to follow!
                                                            Buenos Aires

Philip S. Kampe

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