Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Wine Selections from Wine Buyer Xavier Letteron posted by Philip S. Kampe

    Xavier Letteron, wine buyer at Nejaime's (Lenox & Stockbridge, Ma), Easter Wine Selections

Lamb has a rustic and powerful taste. It calls for spicy, tannic, and bolder wines to be able to sustain and complement its flavor.

Here are our suggestions:
  • Any spicy and earthy Cotes du Rhone or a more powerful Grenache/Syrah blend as the Vacqueyras Domaine D'Ouria 2012 at $32.99.
  • A more plummy and jammy Syrah from Australia: either the Boxer from Mollydooker at $27.99 or the Layer Cake Shiraz at $16.99 currently on sale at $12.99.
  • A oaky and tannic Napa Cabernet Sauvignon: the Girard 2012 at $29.99 or the B-Side at $24.99 currently on sale at $19.99.
  • A bold Malbec loaded with black fruit: the gorgeous Ben Marco Expressivo 2011 at $39.99 or the regular Ben Marco Malbec at $19.99 currently on sale at $15.99.
  • A tannic and powerful Barolo: the Brovia Barolo 2010 at $54.99.
Pork due to his soft and light sweetness can be paired with some white and mid bodied red wines.

Here are our suggestions:
  • Light buttery Chardonnay: La Crema Sonoma Chardonnay at $22.99 currently on sale at $18.99
  • Elegant Willamette Pinot Noir: the Montinori 2012 at $18.99 or the fruitier Wine by Joe Dobbes at $17.99
  • Soft and fruity Merlot: Coppola Merlot Blue label at $17.99 currently on sale at $14.99
  • Light and juicy Beaujolais: the Beaujolais 2013 from Chateau Lavernette at $17.99 made by our Lenox native Kerrie De boissieu born O'Brien.

Philip S. Kampe

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