Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why "The Quiz" led me here

I discovered The Wine Hub when a colleague sent me a link to "The Quiz". Duh duh duh duuuuhhhhh........ You would have to understand, I am about as competitive as anyone that is trying to achieve the title Master Sommelier can be. I am eligible to sit the exam to become a Master Sommelier this year but will wait until 2010 to start the process when I, hopefully, will be readier that I am today.

And on that fateful day when I saw "The Quiz" in my in-box, it was as if Ivan Pavlov were there in my office trying to "investigate my psychic secretion", thereby making me salivate with just the mere suggestion of "The Quiz".
Well I did (salivate that is) and now I am hooked! Trust me, when I open up my e-mail every Tuesday and I see the link to "The New Quiz" it totally takes precedence over anything work, business or family related. To quote Monty Python, "Must...take..quiz..."

In addition to discovering "The Quiz", 2008 / 2009 has been a cool time for me.
I started a wine consulting business with a partner:
Professional Wine Consultants ,

I had a meeting with an editor for a Milwaukee WI magazine and became the wine and spirits writer (my first article will be in the April issue):
Milwaukee Home and Fine Living,

And I was asked to blog on the Wine Hub website!

So I will and hopefully they might be somewhat interesting, a tad humorous and indicative to some of the things I think about in relation to wine.

Thanks and on with the show!

Toni Johnson
Certified Advanced Sommelier
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