Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seventeen Days - Day Sixteen

On the sixteenth day of the Olympics, we raise a glass, in honour of our athletes, of Southbrook Vineyards NV Blueberry. In Ontario, we’re not all about grape wines! Yes, we do make some absolutely amazing grape based wines here but the unsung hero of the Ontario wine industry is definitely fruit based wines. Now, when it comes to fruit wines, there are a lot of hits and misses when it comes to blueberry. Think about all the different fruits out there that you see in your grocery stores – blueberries are definitely one of the smallest. So, naturally, it takes a lot of work to get an intense, true to life, taste from such small berries in a bottle of blueberry wine, but Ann Sperling and her team at Southbrook Vineyards manages to do just that. At the winery, they refer to their Blueberry Wine as “Courageous. On the wild side, with a hint of northern herbs.” On our second last night of Olympic festivities, we have Men’s curling to finish up, the Men’s hockey Bronze medal game, speed skating, bobsleigh and skiing competitions. I am sure we can find something to watch tonight to enjoy our Blueberry wine with. Southbrook Vineyards makes this wine available, at a price of $15.75, at the winery or through
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