Sunday, June 13, 2010


After attending THE CLARK MUSEUM'S Gala and Opening of the "PICASSO LOOKS AT DEGAS" and "JUAN MINOZ" exhibition ( June 13th to October 17th), I can easily understand the exhibitions title and would like to change it to, "Picasso SHOULD LOOK at Degas".

The exhibit was mind opening and obvious, at least to my wife, Maria, and myself, that Degas was very influential and his ideas were often copied by Pablo Picasso . The influence lasted while Degas was alive and for years after his death.

THE CLARK has over 200 works, side by side, of Degas and Picasso. The findings focus on the influence Degas had on Picasso.

It is an exhibit worth visiting and a MUST art exhibition for true art lovers. THE CLARK has done a wonderful job of bringing the two artist's works together.

The Gala was wonderful and surpassed all I wrote about it in my previous article about THE CLARK.

Thanks to Sally Morse Majewski and the hard working staff of THE CLARK, who put on such a Professional and World-Class Event. During the years I have attended hundreds of high profile events and this one ranks with the BEST, World-Wide.

Now, for what we all enjoy, the Wine part of the evening.
The SANGRIA Bar made three types of Sangria, 'virgin', white and red. The recipe I attached to my last blog was not exactly what I drank. What I had was a very special sangria that had a true
nutmeg influence as the last taste in your palate. I liked it and will, actually, add it to my recipe and see if it works.

The wines served were Spanish, a 'Rueda and a Rioja'.

I would like to Thank the couples that I met, from New York, who read my earlier blog and attended this event.

For those of you, who may be in the Berkshires this summer, visit for more information on the 'PICASSO LOOKS AT DEGAS and JUAN MUNOZ' exhibit...


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