Thursday, January 6, 2011


On a recent visit to the Vineyards of FONGOLI in MONTEFALCO, I had the opportunity to DISCOVER the 'GEM of VILLA's in Umbria, VILLA PAMBUFFETTI.

VILLA PAMBUFFETTI stands outside the walls of Montefalco, close to Assisi and Spoleto, and is surrounded by a century old tree park. The Villa is within walking distance of the walls of Montefalco. The short hike is pleasent, beautiful and memorable, especially if you bring an Umbrian lunch with you, prepared at the Villa, and a bottle of the local wine, MONTEFALCO ROSSO or SAGRANTINO.

VILLA PAMBUFFETTI is a family run hotel with 15 rooms, all furnished with lavish antiques, acquired from the previous owner, COUNT SILENCI.

The PAMBUFFETTI Family purchased the Villa in 1940 from the Count and completely restored it's integrity. VILLA PAMBUFFANTTI opened to guests in 1992.

The rooms are spacious with views of Perugia and Spoleto.

When you enter VILLA PAMBUFFANTTI, you enter the Pambuffetti family's Umbrian Palazzo, where the evergreen, cedar and cypress trees have been on the estate since the 18th century.
The lobby has a beautiful antique fireplace, wood crafted moulding is everywhere and tiles from Umbria dominate the floor. It is hard to tell what is original and what was modernized.

The art, tradition and culture, from centuries ago, live in the family's Palazzo.

Meals highlighting Umbrian specialties, including truffles, are served in the garden, in front of the Villa.

The restaurant teaches 'COOKING CLASSES', specializing in local Umbrian dishes, utilizing local products, including the estates organic olive oil. Many articles have been written about Mrs. ALESSANDRA, the famous in-house cook, who teaches 'Cooking Classes', upon request, at the Hotel.

The Villa is beautiful, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

VILLA PAMBUFFANTTI is a pet-friendly, Four Star Hotel, with WiFi, a heated swimming pool and a 'World Class Restaurant'.

The Pambuffantti family is presently in New York, working with Director-North America, Mr. Riccardo Strano and the Italian Goverment Tourist Board, promoting their hotel.

They will be in town through January 11th.

If you are a Travel Agent or Travel Writer and would like to learn more about VILLA PAMBUFFETTI, please contact Marzia Bortolin at the Italian Goverment Tourist Board in New York at (212) 245-5618.

Please visit Villa Pambuffetti's webiste at: for more information, including rates, photos and days of availability.

The hotel re-opens on 12 February, just in time for Valentine's Day.

I hope to see you there!

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