Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DOMODIMONTI "Natural Wines"... A DREAM of Francesco and Marisa Bellini comes to Life at VINO 2011 in New York by Philip S. Kampe

DOMODIMONTI is a boutique winery located in the picturesque countryside of Montefiore dell'Aso in Le Marche, Italy. In 2003, while Franceso and his wife Marisa were in Italy, an opportunity came their way to purchase an 'Antique Catina' with over 80 acres of vineyards and over 17 acres of olive groves.

The idea of producing their own NATURAL Wine in the region where they grew up was to realize a dream. On August 28th, 2010, Domodiomonti's new state -of-the-art winery, designed to generate the least amount of visual and ecological impact on the environment was inaugurated. It is a testament to the continuous drive of producing natural wine.

Domodimonti's ambition is to make the highest quality Natural wine does not only depend on quality grapes, fertile land, ample percipitation or plenty of sun, but, also, a highly qualified team. At Domodimonti, inspiration and guidance is given by internationally renowned winemaker, CARLO FERRINI, who in turns adds a unique presence to the team. Without the experienced and dedicated winegrowers, vineyard workers, winery staff, enologists and agromomists, Domodimonti would have never been able to achieve the original dream.

Today, the wines from Domodimonti are on view at the largest Italian Wine Show in North America, VINO 2011.
At Booth 233, you will be able to sample the wines of winemaker Carlo Ferrini:

Passerina "DeJav" 2009
Pecorino "Licoste" 2009
Rosso "Picens" 2006
Sangiovese "Monte Fiore" 2009
Rosso "messia" 2006

To learn more about the wines from Domodimonti, visit:
or Contact the Global Represenative for Domodimonti wines, MARCO SCAPAGNINI at:

Now is the time to ask your local wine shop to carry Domodimonti Wines.
Share the DREAM with Franceso and Marisa Bellini!!

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