Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Philosophically speaking... Elliot Essman in his book "Use Wine To Make Sense Of The World".

Some things that I wish I had said myself. Or not... but they have been said by Elliot Essman in his book "Use Wine To Make Sense Of The World".

"Wine involves science, nature, history, geography, language, business, culture, law, government, sensuality, and sense. Wine involves people. Wine involves questions of aesthetic taste. Wine weaves a path through our entire civilized life"

"I cannot listen to music and listen to the wine at the same time. Wine makes its own music, and its unique key"

 "We use all five senses in experiencing wine, and if there are more than five, we use those as well"

"Give me a decent wine, and I am not alone. The wine itself is my buddy"

"When we stereotype people because of their race, gender or ethnicity, we do them a disservice, and hurt ourselves as well. Wine deserves the same level of consideration"

 "When I meet a person for the first time, I am always ready to discover something of value. I approach wines that are new to me in the same way"

"People who truly love wine are almost never wine snobs"

"The juxtaposition of wine with matters of money may often be psychologically revealing. This is especially true when people spend more than they can afford, or, for that matter, noticeably less"

"With creativity and skill good wine producers are able to translate what nature has to say into a language human beings can understand"

"Wine is not unlike many other human interests and pastimes in that the more dedicated work you put into it, the more enjoyable it seems to become"

"You need to give wine time and you need to give wine space. By time, I mean taking some extra moments to enjoy the appearance, aroma, taste and feel of wine. By space, I refer to the absolute need to open up your taste horizons to wines that differ from the same old standbys"

"Good wines have a way of speaking. It's up to us to interpret them using our own words"

"Drunkenness sabotages that which inebriation enhances"

"Sobriety has much pull on our souls as gravity has on our bodies. We will be sober nearly all our earthly moments"

"Wine tends to be a civilized experience, one that generates thought, reflection, much verbiage, and (we hope) a high quality of human interaction"

"The more you know about wine, the greater the satisfaction you will attain from it, even if it makes you downright silly"

"I know a good deal about wine but that my knowledge is dwarfed by my ignorance, and by the much higher level of people who "really" know about wine. No one, however, will question my drive to learn more". Wow! How I wish I had come up with this one!

What about you? Any thoughts?

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