Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wine Glasses - A BRIEF LESSON

We believe that having the right glass is part of a list of factors that will enhance one's experience of enjoying wine. Different wines require different glasses. These wine glasses have different shapes and
 sizes to bring out the distinctiveness that exists in each wine.

Never buy glasses that are too small. There are a few reasons why you shouldn't do this, but we will give one that is good enough to call your attention and make you comply with this rule. You will not be able to swirl the wine in the glass to free its aromas and part of the enjoyment is already gone. The only exception here applies to dessert wines that are usually consumed in small amounts.
Quality matters. You can watch your favorite TV show on a 22" black and white screen and still be able to understand the story that unfolds. Now, watch that same show on a brand new 60" Plasma HD TV and tell us that there is no difference. Just like that, wine glasses should always be the best that you can afford (both to use and to break). They should also be clear and transparent (preferably "crystal clear"). Even though it is possible to enjoy wine in your coffee mug, it will not be the same. If you are serious about tasting wine and, not simply quaffing it as you would do with a glass of lemonade, you should have proper glasses.

  • The same wine will feel different if you use glasses with different shapes or sizes to taste it. You don't need dozens of glasses to appreciate wine. However, a few sets of the "right glasses" (see below) will do the trick.
  • Wine glasses must have stems. Holding the glass by the bowl warms the wine. Although it might not be a problem for some people who serve their white wines much colder than they should, we are firm believers in stems for wine glasses.
  • Do not use soap to wash your glasses. Use only hot water instead, washing them by hand. If you believe that hot water alone will not do the job, you can try using washing soda instead. You don't want any interference with your wine's flavors and aromas and it may happen if you don't follow this advice.
  • Don't fill your glass with more than 1/3 of its capacity (regardless of the size of the glass) if you are pouring a red wine. In case it is a white wine, the glass can be filled up to the half. For sparkling wines, 1/2 of the glass is fine as well.

Enjoy you wine!

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