Monday, July 23, 2012

#TsantaliTrip - The adventures of 7 #winelover-s in Greece: The full video chronicle

#TsantaliTrip - The adventures of 7 #winelover-s in Greece: The full video chronicle. 

In June 2012 7 wine bloggers from Europe and beyond (I guess that would be me...), toured Central and Northern Greece, invited by the Tsantali Wine Company. This is a video chronicle of our journey to discover the best of Greek wine, cuisine and hospitality.


To see pictures of the visit you can visit our Facebook page:

Luiz Alberto, #winelover
One of the  pillars of TheWineHub is Wine Tourism. Whether you are a wine maker, or a wine drinker, we all enjoy having discoveries... TheWineHub exists to help you with that.
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