Tuesday, June 4, 2013

UMBRIA Takes Over The World with the Newly Released Free app, "Umbria Enogastronomia" by Philip S.Kampe

UMBRIA Takes over the World with the newly released Free app, “Umbria Enogatronomia”  by Philip S.Kampe

First it was Umbria Month in New York.

Now it is time for the ever-so adventurous wine, food and lodging group from Umbria to ‘Take over the World’, electronically.

A special ‘Umbrian App’ has been unveiled, just in-time for the busy summer season, a time of year that tourism thrives in Umbria, Italy’s only land-locked province. The app has 28 Dedicated Applications, presenting the best in culture, nature and entertainment in Umbria, ‘a land rich in time’.

The app is made especially for Smartphones and tablets. Umbria is breaking the mold while pushing their culture into the 21st century via technology, while still holding on to old world traditions.

The idea behind the (English) app, ‘Umbria Enogastronomia’ is to promote tourism and gastronomy in Umbria by advertising some of the world’s nationally acclaimed food and wine specialties. In this App you will find a range of products representing the local flavors and wines of Umbria with a selection of beautifully illustrated recipes complete with the information of the origins of each dish, its ingredients and detailed instructions on how to prepare it.

The app also offers a number of itineraries illustrated with photos and videos through which you can explore the local environment, landscape, history and architecture.  The app is also innovative and follows voice commands, content sharing, a section where you can take notes and one where you can store you ‘favorites’.

To take advantage of the Free app, visit: www.ifreeware.net or www.appshopper.com .
Search for the free English Umbria Enogastronimia app. online, as I did. The above websites are just two of many that carry this Free app on Umbria.

Philip S.Kampe

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