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Cheryl Indelicato and HandCraft Wines Support Breast Cancer by Candela Prol

                                                                 Cheryl Indelicato
Today is a day to give thanks, especially since it is Thanksgiving.
I would like to give ‘Thanks to Cheryl Indelicato’, owner and founder of California’s HandCraft winery, maker of artisan wines.
The spirit, the warmth, the dedication Cheryl has for her winery and the cause it supports makes her a truly special person, one worthy of world-wide attention regarding her effort to make a positive difference in people’s lives through her ‘HandCraft Cares’ initiative, which donates money ($100,000 in 2012) to support breast cancer research, prevention and awareness.
Profits focus on helping women, a lifelong goal of Cheryl’s.
Since September Cheryl ‘hit the pavement with the HandCraft Team’ and  participated in the ’16 mile Walk’  in the Bay area (SF) and the the‘3 Day Walk’ in Atlanta. She will donate up to $100,000 in 2013, as well to Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness.
With Cheryl’s dedication and determination (you can see it in her eyes), the world we live in is a better place.
Cheryl, with her Italian roots,  comes from a longstanding California winemaking family which began the wine adventure in the early days.
Grandfather Gaspare farmed grapes until after Prohibition. 
In 1935, Gaspare produced the first vintage.
The rest is history.
Two generations later, Cheryl entered the family business, after a ‘three year stint’ gaining experience in the outside world, as required by her family, before joining the ranks.
Since the early days of her wine career, Cheryl has experienced every facet of the wine world, from PR to picking and sorting grapes.
What has evolved is a dedicated, focused, involved person who has found her objectives in life through the wine experience.
What Cheryl wanted to do is to ‘create a crafty wine style and brand that spoke to women’.
Cheryl explained that 80% of wine purchases are by women.
Cheryl wants to produce wines that are approachable, wines that can be purchased today and consumed tonight. She wants food friendly wine.
Her wine labels instruct the consumer through pictures as what aromas and flavors are in the bottle and what the wine will taste like. This instruction suggests what types of food the wine will pair best with.
The label is like a ‘scratch and sniff’ for adults.
The in genius idea helps take the guesswork out of wine selection for food.
When asked, “What makes your wines distinctive?’, Cheryl replied that HandCraft wines focus on her Italian heritage by focusing on an  Italian varietal in each of the blends.
For example, in the Chardonnay, the Italian varietal Malvasia Bianca exists.
Cheryl wants the wines to show their character of the varietals.
Winemaker Alicia Ysais makes HandCraft wines.
The wines that are in the Artisan collection of HandCraft include: Cabernet; Chardonnay, Petite Syrah, Pinot Noir, Inspiration White and Inspiration Red.
All wines retail in the $12.99 range and should be available at your local wine merchant.
By supporting HandCraftWines, you support Cheryl’s causes for humanity.
For more information, visit Cheryl’s website at:

Candela Prol

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