Friday, November 8, 2013

La Marca Prosecco is not only for the Holidays by Philip S. Kampe

Last night we enjoyed a great seafood meal with Prosecco as the ONLY beverage served.
The Prosecco was La Marca, priced at under $17 on the shelf.
The evening started with an aperitif and finger foods shared with a glass of La Marca Prosecco (actually I had two).

I learned that La Marca Prosecco is made from a cooperative of 7,000 winegrowers with over 17,000 acres, located near Treviso, in northern Italy.The 'Glera' grapes are selected from small vineyards in the DOC area and are blended together by the master winemakers who have over forty years of experience.
The first course was a soup made of shrimp and crabmeat in a seafood broth that had floating lentils and radish rounds. La Marca Prosecco was the antidote. The two paired perfectly and felt like the match was 'Made in Heaven'
Rather than bore you with the rest of the meal, a spicy seafood dish and a strawberry-rhubarb dessert, I must admit that the Prosecco was exactly what the food called for. I am a bit amazed a complete dinner from aperitif to dessert could survive on one grape, the 'Glera'.
In the past, we organized meals paired with the Sangiovese grape, which worked well, but, had its limitations.
Prosecco, in this case, La Marca was the evenings hero.
Why not try what I did on the 'Night of the Fishes', Christmas Eve.
I am guessing you will be surprised with the results.
If you are not that adventurous, try La Marca Prosecco for a normal evening meal, as well as the 'Sparkling' for the Holidays.

Philip S. Kampe
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