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Bruce Boylan---It's All in the 'Palate' by Philip S. Kampe

                                        Bruce Boylan, a "Palate Unmatched"
Fate is always a factor in one’s life.
That is a fact!
If I hadn’t met Bruce Boylan, earlier in my wine career, this article probably would not have existed. But, as fate has it, I met Bruce Boylan (no relation to Boylan sodas) at a wine tasting in Manhattan, in the early 2000’s.
I was new to the industry and was just getting my feet wet, when we had a conversation—one that would alter my life. Bruce and I talked about wine and what his career in his later life was. He said he was a ‘Wine Consultant’ at Sparrow Wine of Hoboken, NJ. I explained that I lived ten minutes from Hoboken. Bruce said, ‘ I will gladly introduce you to the owners, Armando and Mike. I know they are looking for help
Are you interested?’
Well, the next day I met Armando and Mike and was hired on the spot.
Months turned into years at Sparrow. I gave my loyal customers my wine picks and advice, hopefully creating a positive lifelong wine experience for them.
Time passed and, as fate would have it, both Bruce and I left Sparrow and moved separate directions.
Since those early days in my career, Bruce has been one of my inspirations. I am not sure if he is a chemist or just has an exceptional palate, but, his wine choices have always been on par with the experts.
Fast forward to 2014.
Bruce is a wine consultant and I am writing about wine.
To ring in the New Year, Bruce invites a few selected guests to sample some of his wine picks.
Bruce likes wines that are good values and drink like wines that should retail for two or three times the price they sell for. His choices have always astounded me in such a way that I think his palate has the ‘Sixth Sense’, one that most of us read about, but, rarely witness.
The list below are the wines we sampled.
Do you agree with Bruce’s palate?

La Verger  2012
Tortise Creek
Languedoc, France

Mont Gravet  2012
Gascogne, France

Pinot Noir 2012
Lake Co., California

Venta Morales  2012
La Mancha, Spain
Tempranillo (organic)

Cune Crianza  2009
Rioja, Spain

    "My life focuses on wine, bicycling, downhill skiing and my two daughters"


                              A #WINELOVERS Carpet is always full of red wine stains

                      "All of my selections for the tasting retail for $18 and under"


Laurent Miguel  2012
Languedoc, France

Saint Chinian  2009
Chateau Casal Viel
Languedoc, France

Mathilda  2010
M. Charpotier
Victoria, Australia

Philip S. Kampe

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