Tuesday, March 4, 2014

EJ Gallo's 'Hearty Burgundy' was the Big Winner at the Oscars by Philip S. Kampe

And the winner is: 
                     EJ Gallo's 50th Anniversary Edition of it's iconic 'Hearty Burgundy'.

I must share an interesting and wonderful story with you. We live in two locations, year-round. Our time is divided between the beautiful mountains of western Massachusetts, in a region know as the Berkshires and the 26th floor of a massive apartment building, on the Hudson river, near Frank Sinatra's home, Hoboken, New Jersey.
Our apartment faces the Manhattan skyline.
There is an amenities room in the building, where, on special occasions, random renters watch events on the larger than life flat screen television. The last big occasion was the Superbowl.
Since this is the first year that we did not attend an Oscar party, we decided to show up and watch the Oscar's on the flat screen with other souls who had nowhere to go, as well.
The room was not packed, like Superbowl--maybe twenty-five people.
The admission price was a bottle of wine, beer, a potluck dish or whatever appetizers one chose to make.  I noticed the beverage table had an array of wines, four reds--all in the $12-$20 price range--and two whites.
I brought a magnum of wine to the table. The wine was EJ Gallo's 'Hearty Burgundy, a large $9 investment.
Knowing wine prejudice for low end wines, I chose to bring the wine to the beverage table in a decanter, thus creating a mystique about what's in the decanter.
It seems like the mystique paid off, as my $9 magnum of EJ Gallo's 'Hearty Burgundy' was the first wine finished out of the seven choices.
The 'Hearty Burgundy' was twice the amount of wine of the competitive 750ml bottles. A little math shows that I paid $4.50 for a bottle.
As I mentioned in an earlier article in January, it is impossible to find a better wine value in the market.
The proof is in the decanter.



Tina T. said...

What a great story and brilliant idea to use a decanter.

Doug B. said...

You should send this article to Gallo!

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