Monday, May 26, 2014

'Il' Ugo--(a tough name to remember) but, The 'Hottest Cocktail of the Summer' by Philip S. Kampe

                                               Even cows love 'Il' Ugo

Memorial Day is the true beginning of the summer season—at least for me and my friends and neighbors who live in the northeast (Massachusetts) section of America.

This year I decided to forget the beer and dedicate warm hot days to a new cocktail on the market—Mionetto’s ‘Il’ Ugo’, an Italian semi-sparkling cocktail made with elderberry (remember St. Germain) blossom and wildflowers mixed with Mionetto’s classic sparkling.

You don’t have to know how to make a cocktail to enjoy, possibly summer’s hottest drink. At under $12 a bottle, isn’t it time to consider my advice?

What I do is simple: I add six ice cubes to an 8 ounce glass, pour the ‘Il’ Ugo into the glass and garnish it with a sprig of mint (basil will do) and add a cut lime (if they are still too expensive, use a lemon) to the rim of the glass and serve.
       The bottle of 'Il' Ugo, has a beautiful Butterfly as an insignia on the back

Today is the first day I am going to serve Mionetto at a friends Memorial Day party. It’s a natural for BBQ, spicy food and the all American hot dog.

The drink was inspired by a cocktail (Hugo) that originated in the Alta Adige region of northern Italy, a region known for red wines and heavy foods. It may have been the real alternative for those who prefer a lighter aperitif.

The drink has hints of passion fruit and citrus with a somewhat grapey sweetness. 

The bottle is a frosted with a lime green theme (think limes) and has 8% alcohol, light enough to suggest aperitif..

Philip S. Kampe

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