Thursday, May 29, 2014

Recommended Wines from Catalana by Philip S. Kampe

                              El Cellar de Can Roca in Spain's Catalan region

In the northeast corner of Spain, lies the number one rated restaurant in the world (2013), El Cellar de Can Roca. The restaurant is known for combining local Catalan cuisine with avant-garde and experimental dishes.

Roca is also known for its 60,000 bottle wine cellar. According to Sommelier Josep Roca, one of the three brother owners of El Cellar de Can Roca, the comprehensive wine list is the size of two telephone books. At a recent visit to the famed restaurant, I found several wines that are Catalan classics, affordable and distributed in America.
                           Head chef Joan Roca explains how the kitchen operates
                                One of Chef Josep Roca's signature dishes

                                   The upscale Miquel Torres Winery
                                               Miquel Torres Winery
The wines that pair well with the varied dishes of El Cellar de Can Roca can be sampled on June 4th at the Cervantes Institute in Manhattan. Avinicola Catalana is sponsoring the tasting for only qualified trade and press. (Contact for an invitation)

Wines of interest that will be poured on June 4th from Catalana and can be found  at ElCellar de Can Roca include:
Vilamau Brut Rose NV
Torello Brut Reserva Special Edition
Agusti Torello Mata Kripta 2007
Gran Codomiu Xarel-Lo Finca La Nansa
                    Wines from Catalana make you strong, says author Philip S. Kampe

Cervoles red 2007
Abadal Seleccio 2007
Pinord Mas Blanc +7
Torres Grans Muralles 2006

Wine brands of interest from Catalana  include:
Agusti Torello Mata
Castell del Remei
Giro del Gorner
La Fou
Mas Blanc
Rexach Baques
Trias Battle

Isn't it time to drink the 'Wines from Catalana' ?

Philip S. Kampe

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