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All Aboard Spain's 'Al Andalus' Luxury Train! Next stop, Extremadura, home of art, museums, vineyards, UNESCO Heritage Sights and world-class cuisine by Philip S. Kampe and Maria Reveley

                                                   Spain's Al Andalus Luxury Train

You never know when you discover another mode of travel within Europe that is ‘timeless’.

Yes, you can travel by bus, boat, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, camper and train within Europe to your destination, but, none so grand as the infamous ‘Al Andalus Express’ Luxury Train, which operates solely throughout Spain, visiting historical cities throughout the country, including Cordoba, Seville, Granada, Zaragoza, Segovia, Avila, Salamanca, Burgos, Pomplana, Jerez and Madrid, just to name a few..

All aboard!

As a youngster I used to ride the ‘City of New Orleans’, a train made famous by the song sung by folk singer Woody Guthrie’s son, Arlo Guthrie. The train departed from my home town, New Orleans and traveled overnight to Chicago, where my mother’s family would meet us upon arrival at the train station...

Its been half a century since I boarded the ‘City of New Orleans, but the memory of riding in a luxury train has been with me forever. In fact the thrill of riding classic trains like the Al Andalus has become a passion of mine.

With the ‘City of New Orleans’ in mind, I recently discovered that Spain has a train that will evoke your past memories with the amenities and  luxuries of today

That train is the Al Andalus, one of the ‘World’s Premier Luxury Trains’.

The 85 year old train (circa 1929-1930) has been restored to its original condition. From sleeper car to the bar car and lounge, the Al Andalus carries passengers from the modern world to the world of the past.

Spain is a real tourist destination. It is the only European country with such extremes, take architecture for example, who else could mastermind futuristic architectural buildings other than Gaudi. If you focus on art, think Picasso, a one of a kind artist.

With summer approaching and the prime vacation period of the year upon us, isn’t it time to think about Spain as a tourist destination. Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, a country that is full of tradition, folklore, experimental and traditional cuisine and highly rated wines.

With a little bit of luck, I plan to visit Spain at the end of this month, with hopes of traveling on the Al Andalus. My plan is to provide real time daily reports about my experience aboard the Al Andalus to my 22,000 Twitter followers and 4,800 Facebook friends that follow me viaThe Wine Hub..

The luxury train, the Al Andalus has seven beautifully renovated sleeper cars, five of which are from the original 1929-1930 train, plus twelve standard suites and twenty superior suites. The lounge and dining cars date back to 1928 and are used as the trains restaurant, saloon and lounge.
Spain is such a complex country for wine. Each region has its own indigenous grapes, creating a large variety of both white and red wines.

The Al Andalus travels on three different itineraries.
Routes include: Andalusia, Iberico and Extremadura-all separate trips.

Andalusia highlights Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda and Cadiz.

Iberico highlights the lesser known cities between Madrid and Zaragoza, while the
Extremadura trip takes the passenger from Seville to Madrid visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sights along the route, museums, restaurants with Michelin starred chefs and wineries.

There are few trains in the world that match the luxury of the Al Andalus.
Why not join me on the tour of a lifetime?

Contact for more information or call 800-724-5120

Philip S. Kampe
Maria Reveley


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