Friday, February 5, 2016

Today I have a "good news bad news" story to tell you... and it's not a joke!

Today I have a "good news bad news" story to tell you... and it's not a joke!

First, the bad news: Due to my new role as the managing partner of my lumber importing company, I will not be able to to join the programs of Jerez and Athens to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the #winelover community. I'm very sad but I am at the stage of rebuilding relationships with both customers and suppliers and I couldn't allow myself to be out for so long. My most sincere apologies for those of you who expected me to be there. frown emoticon

Now, the good news: Since I love you guys so much (you know who you are!), I'll do something really crazy and fly to Spain Friday night, enjoy the celebrations in Jerez on Saturday night, fly to Greece on Sunday morning, participate at the celebrations in Athens on Sunday evening, and fly to Boston on Monday morning... so I end up missing just one day at work! smile emoticon

Anyway, call me crazy... but at the end it's all good!

‪#‎SeeYouInSpain‬ and ‪#‎SeeYouInGreece‬!!! 

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