Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Valpolicella Has Many Faces by Philip S. Kampe

With 62 million bottles produced a year and over 75% of the bottles exported, the flavor profile of Valpolicella has many faces.

Inside the bottle of Valpolicella is a new world of flavor, unique to each bottle, due primarily to the fact that 97% of the grapes used are indigenous varieties. Broken down, 71% of the grapes are Corvina and 21% are Rondinella.

Worldwide Valpolicella sales fall into three catagories.
Ripasso DOC (45%)
Valpolicella DOC (32%)
Amarone DOCG  (22%)

The Valpolicella region in Italy is located north of Verona, in the Veneto.

Below are a few photographs of the bottles and producers I sampled at a recent Valpolicella tasting.



                                          These are the producers of the wines.....






To learn more about Valpolicella, visit www.consorziovalpolicella.it 

Philip S. Kampe
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