Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Favorite 'Bobal' Wine Labels from Spain's Utiel-Requena DO by Philip S. Kampe

                                          Finca San Blas 'Lomalta' Crianza 2014 ($11)

                                                  Bobal Paraje Tornel 2013 ($23) 
                                       Madurado en Barrica 2015 Venusto Bobal ($12)
                                             Finca La Beata Bobal 2013 ($45)
                                                las 2 ces Barrica Tinto 2015 ($13)

Many email comments were sent to me regarding how beautiful the labels are of these 'hard to find' Bobal wines from the Utiel-Requena appellation in southeast Spain (close to Valencia). 

The beauty of the labels is evenly balanced with the beauty of the wines. Easy drinking wines, like the las 2 ecs 2015 to the big, dark fruit concentrated Finca La Beata 2013 span the gamut of the highly regarded, yet, under the radar, Bobal varietal.

The Bobal grape flourishes in the hot summers that exist in the high plains near Valencia. Bobal is known for its dark color, like black Spanish rice, and chewy tannins, like Swedish fish.  Bobal's spicy dark fruit helps create a hot sweetness that has effervescent acidity and long finishes.

Not all bottles are created equal-some tend to be lighter then heavier. like the Finca La Beata 2013.

My hope is that Bobal wines from Utiel-Requena will receive the necessary attention that they deserve. What that means is that importers will notice the potential these wines have and get on the bandwagon to distribute them to your local wine merchant.

Philip S. Kampe 


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