Thursday, April 20, 2017

'We Can Never Escape from Chablis' by Philip S. Kampe

                                                                The Set-Up
                           The Chablis Escape Room challenge explained by Richard of 59:59

You Can Never Escape From Chablis'

What a goal? Figure out how to Escape from a locked room and drink wine from Chablis as the reward.

Sounds easy? Ask our team of six Chablis problem solvers and you would get the same answer. Sure, we figured it out, BUT, we didn’t apply our knowledge correctly.

If you haven’t attended an Escape Room event in the past, this is how your brain, teamwork, good communication, logic, creativity and attention to detail pay off.

Figure out the puzzle within 59minutes and 59 seconds and you are out. (Ironically, the event was run by a company called 59:59 Room Escape)

The game, sponsored by the Chablis Commission and the Bourgogne Wine Board, was held at At Fiori in Manhattan.

The goal of the game was obvious-learn more about Chablis using the clues, maps and puzzles in the Escape Room.

Each solved clue increased our Chablis knowledge.

What I learned about Chablis from the Escape Room Challenge:
Its history…
There are four designations of Chablis: Petit Chablis; Chablis; Chablis Grand Cru and Chablis Premier Cru.
Chablis is produced in northern Burgundy, in north-east France.
Chablis wines are generally dry with a signature minerality that comes from the soils.
Chablis wines generally are crisp and fresh with a flinty note, often due to high acidity.
Chablis special soils are known as Kimmeridgian-translated means, due to high marine fossil concentration, the soils are high in limestone, making this region unique to the others in Burgundy.

Even though we lost the game, we were all Winners after learning about and tasting the wines from Chablis. The four designations, Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis Grand cru and Chablis Premier Cru were paired with a variety of hard to pair foods. The bright acidity paired perfectly with Ai Fiori’s best appetizers.

If the Chablis Escape Room comes to your city, by all means, sign-up.

Or create your own?

                                                                The clues...
                                                                  The puzzle
                                                               The message
                                                            The Reward-Chablis
                                                             The REWARD!
Philip S. Kampe

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