Friday, August 25, 2017

My Labor Day Supplies: Riondo Prosecco and The Federalist Zinfandel by Philip S.Kampe

My task: Find a sparkling and a red wine to bring to a BBQ (Labor Day)

In preparation for a friends BBQ, the task of finding suitable wine or sparklers was my job. The more I thought about it, the surer I was that a sparkling wine and a red wine would be my choices.

At one of the larger wine stores in the metro New York City area, I spotted and was fascinated to see a three pack of Prosecco miniatures, each bottle is 187ml, large enough for two small servings or a good mixer for an Aeperol spritz or a Bellini.

Riondo (recognize the bottle) has just started marketing the three pack ($14.99). Its a solution, price wise to Champagne and is the same Riondo Spago Nero Frizzante that is in the 750ml bottle.

Sparkling wines seem to pair well with every dish.

The other wine that seems to satisfy everyone at a BBQ is one that I sampled at a wine tasting this past year. Its labeled The Federalist , a unique California (Mendocino County) 2014 Zinfandel ($15.99) that is aged in 'bourbon barrels' for a minimum of six months and has a truly smoky flavor-all the better to pair with BBQ.

The problem: not drinking them before the BBQ...

Philip S. Kampe

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