Monday, January 15, 2018

The Wine Life-Get Involved by Philip S. Kampe

Aren’t we lucky to focus our careers and lives specifically on both the people we love and the wine world which in most cases is a big part of our vocabulary each and everyday.

To a select few, we are what our friends aspire to be, someone who follows their dreams.

You live once, of course that is debatable, but, maybe true.

Why not follow your inner feelings, forget about money and follow the course of your true love in life- the pursuit of wine.

The rewards are truly outstanding if you are a communicator and equally rewarding if you are behind the scenes.

What makes this industry so fascinating is that with each new harvest and each new vintage, wine stories emerge, which, in my case, puts my brain on fire, trying to learn why this vintage is so different from past vintages and what makes it unique.

Intellectual curiosity exists combined with the homework that must be done to understand why the wine tastes like it does, what were the weather conditions and what was the winemakers goal?

Life is too short not to follow your goals....consider wine and consider joining groups like the #winelover with people of the same will, waiting to take the plunge...

Philip S. Kampe

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