Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Wine Bloggers Conference: Oct 24-26, 2008!

The buzz among our fellow wine bloggers is palpable. Twitter has a host of bloggers chatting about #WBC08 including @juicecowboy, @winemutineer, and perhaps the most excited tweeter, @winebratsf! Tech issues are being ironed out now at the Hilton Flamingo in Santa Rosa, because, "I’m trying to insure that the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Sonoma has good, solid Wi-Fi access." says Joel Vincent, WBC Organizer, Coordinator, Ringmaster. And well he should. The event is completely sold out, Gary Vaynerchuk is the keynote speaker on Friday night at the opening dinner, 40+ wineries are pouring at the event, there are vineyard walks, break out sessions, Alice Feiring speaking on Saturday...and too much more to mention. Suffice it to say, that even if you aren't going, but you LOVE wine, you stand to benefit from this event.

Why, you ask?

Because anytime like-minded professionals get together to talk about their business, they are poised for inspiration, energized conversation and developing superior content and practices. If you love wine as much as we love wine, get ready to be deluged with content about every aspect of wine you can imagine. You, however, have the benefit of technology that will sort and filter for you in any way you like! Looking for great Central Coast reds to pour for Thanksgiving? Great. Interested in Sustainable Practice in Wine Agriculture? We have that too! And if you just want to find out about a great Albarino, or Spanish Wine, we'll have that as well. There will be no stone, or grape, unturned.

Consider this our Stimulus Package. You can order right from the comfort of your home. Many wineries and sites have specials, discounts and "Shipping included" type offers in this challenging economy. And we'll guarantee, even if your purchases don't boost markets, they'll sure make you feel better...and bring you together with other wine lovers. And that, my friends, is the best part of wine, the way it brings people together for a visceral experience of the senses. Personally, wine always brings me into the present moment and reminds me why I'm glad to be alive. So check in with your favorite wine blogger after next weekend and see what we come up with. I think you'll be delighted so much that you'll be eager to share it with all your relatives this holiday season.

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