Sunday, February 22, 2009


The world has not changed for centuries. man has tried to preserve the earth's bounty for times when nature is not so generous to us. Grapes that mature, for a short time, are there for us to eat, but, what about the wine they produce for us for our future.
Summer milk from cow's, sheep, waqter buffalo, yaks and goats becomes cheese in the winter months.
Many locations worldwide are temperate enough climatically to have both grape vines and dairy animals. It would then become obvious that both wine and cheese are savored together.
As a daily ritual, for centuries, Europeons and the other countries blessed with a climate that is condusive for grape growing and dairy animals enjoy the fruits of both wine and cheese daily.
For most of us in America, unfortunately, this ritual is in it's preliminary stage.
What we need to do, as readers of The Wine Hub, is to learn facts about wine and cheese, so, we, too, can begin this marriage.
The true goal of all wine and cheese combinations is harmony. The objective is always the same. Never diminish the flavor of either the wine or the cheese. Wine should taste just as good on it's own as it will with cheese. And vice versa.
Philip S. Kampe

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