Wednesday, September 16, 2009

World Wine Tour 2010

Vision : During 12 months of travel, in over 15 countries, to collect 300 premium wine bottles which will be offered to bidders in a high profile auction. All proceeds will be donated to the NGO, the Lao Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.

Mission : – To Raise Funds for the NGO Lao Rehabilitation Foundation.
– To Uniquely Promote the Sponsors who are making this possible.
– To Document this entire project.

Who We Are :
Georges Janssens -
Anja Cheriakova -

Why this project:
• To continue the humanitarian tradition established by Vignes sans Frontières .
• To explore the economics and markets of different wine worlds – Actively involving ourselves in this and building contact networks. – Promoting our sponsors. – Research
• To be able to share the experience and our message to the public through media internet, print media, radio, book publication)
• To learn and discover from organizing and realizing this high-impact project.

To learn more about this fascinating project go to:
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