Thursday, December 17, 2009

FATTORIA dei BARBI...Montalcino's Traditional/Contemporary BRUNELLO Arrives in America

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Pasternak Wine Imports ( ) is introducing FATTORIA dei BRUNELLO from Montalcino to the consumer. The producer, BARBI, follows traditional wine making methods combined with contemporary expressions to produce this exceptional and innovative Brunello.
Tradition rules at BARBI. Barbi was the first to export Brunello in 1817. Barbi was also the first to open their wine cellars to consumers in 1954. And finally in 1969, Barbi was the first to produce a 'Super Tuscan', Brusco dei Barbi.
Barbi, headed by 20th generation Stefano Cenelli Colombini, is recognized as a World Leader in the production of Brunello. The Colombini family has owned land in Montalcino since 1790 and roots in Tuscany dating back to 1352. Barbi's first award was at an exposition in Bordeaux in 1840. This was the first of hundreds of awards Fattoria dei Barbi has received.
Fattoria dei Barbi has many firsts, including the first to mail wine in 1936, as well as the first exported Brunello to the United States and Europe in 1962. In 1974, Fattoria dei Brunello introduced the first grappa made from Brunello.
Fattoria dei Brunello is a large vineyard with 914 acres. The land is divided between vineyards and olive groves. Production of Brunello is limited to 220,000 bottles.
Pasternak distributes Fattoria dei Brunello in all fifty states. The wine is priced between $40-$50 a bottle, depending on the vintage.
If you can't find Fattoria dei Brunello at your local wine merchant, ask them to carry it.
Happy Holidays and Long Live Brunello!
Philip S.Kampe


nachoS said...

Hello Luiz Alberto:
We met each other on the EBWC. You have a very nice blog (and too many friends in facebook, 5000).
Did you enjoy the Winefuture conference? They said in there many interesting things.
If you come to Madrid do not hesitate to get in contact with me to show you some intersting places.
I wish you a 2010 happy new year.

Luiz Alberto, #winelover said...

Thanks Nacho!
WineFuture was an interesting experience...
I still don't have any certain plans to go Spain, but I'll let you know when that happens. A happy, healthy,and prosperous 2010 to you and yours!!! Luiz

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