Saturday, August 21, 2010

VILLA BRUNELLA..."The Isle of Capri's Best Hidden Secret" GREAT Wine, Food and Hotel Philip S. Kampe

On a recent trip to Italy, with the Isle of Capri as the destination, we stayed at 'The GEM of Capri, VILLA BRUNELLA'. Family run and a hotel with the BEST VIEW of the Island, our stay was something to write about, which I am doing now!!

The friendliness of Vincenao and his wife, Signora Bruenella, made our stay, easily the BEST in all of Italy.

Located near the Faraglioni rocks, our room, 55, has a view of the island, which is unmatched.
If you visit, please stay in Room 55...
Our room has a view of the picturesque bay of Marina Piccola.

VILLA BRUNELLA has a wonderful restaurant that is known for it's Gastonomic Mediterranean cuisine. Plus the wine selection is reasonabley priced and a perfect match for the wonderful cuisine served by their fabulous chef.

Our dining experience was unforgettable.

The swimming pool, with it's large solarium, has a panaromaic view of the island. We ordered a bottle of local wine and some appetizers to help us appreciate the visual fantasies of the Isle of Capri.

This is the first leg of our stop, which ends at the Inaugaral Opening (August 28th) of a spa and hotel on the DOMODIMANTI vineyards in Le Marche.

To view photos and info on VILLA BRUNELLA, visit

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