Saturday, February 19, 2011

ROYAL WINE hosts the 5th Annual "KOSHER WINE and FOOD EXPERIENCE" on February 22nd at Chelsea Piers in New York by Philip S. Kampe

It's that time EXPERIENCE New York's 'PREMIER KOSHER' Wine and Food Event, which takes place at 6:30pm on February 22nd at Chelsea Piers (Pier 60) in New York City.

Last year's attendance of over 1,500 guests PROVED that the events' host, The ROYAL WINE Company, know how to throw a BIG party. The ROYAL WINE Company, owned and operated by the HERZOG Family, trace their wine making roots (1848) back to Czechoslavakia. ROYAL WINE supplied wine for Austro-Hungarian Emporor, FRANZ JOSEPH. Phillip Herzog was made a BARON because of his service to the Emporor.

At the KOSHER WINE and FOOD ECPERIENCE, The ROYAL WINE Company will offer over 300 wines from around the world to sample. Wines include: HERZOG, YATIR, CASTEL, CAPCANES, ELVI and GOOSE BAY. In addition, The Royal Wine Company will be launching some new wines.including the HERZOG Special Editon 'CLARK HILL WARNECKE VINEYARD 2008 and the OAK KNOLL Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, plus a new line of GAMLA RESERVES.

Add food from Celeberity Chefs and Cookbook authors, JEFF NATHAN, SUZY FISHBEIN, JAMIE GELLER, LEVANA KIRSCHENBAUM and JOAN NATHAN to the 300 wines and you have a WINE and FOOD Party.

WHEN: FEBRUARY 22nd (Tuesday) at 6:30pm

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