Monday, April 18, 2011

Maremma, Tuscany

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit again the Maremma region in Tuscany. But this trip was different: It was more than just a “regular wine tour”... I was trying to find a place to recommend for someone travelling with the family and who wants to go out of the beaten path. I think I found the place...
Tenuta Uccellina Tuscany Farmhouse.

My host was Alioscia Lombardini. The president for the MTV Tuscany, who can make you feel at home anywhere in the world and this is what he had to tell me:

“There’s nothing better than a Tuscany farmhouse for those who love countryside life, plus there are plenty of outdoor activities: from farming to tasting local organic products, from horse riding to sailing and much more. It’s all here, surrounded by charming scenery, picturesque hills and overlooking an unspoiled sea! Also, for nature lovers and those who love to switch off and desire an utterly relaxing holiday, La Tenuta Uccellina Tuscany farmhouse resort is the perfect place.

If you are looking for a Tuscany farmhouse suitable for kids, then a Tenuta Uccellina farmhouse is  ideal. In fact, for the “younger” guests, the farmhouse offers a wide range of natural and green spaces where kids can play freely and to their heart’s content.

The resort also includes an Educational park that has been specifically designed with children in mind. Here it is possible for them to play outdoors in an educational setting where they can get close to the farm animals and be part of country life. It’s ideal for the little ones and their families. The Educational Farm is one of the most interesting attractions that La Tenuta Uccellina farmhouse has to offer for children, with thousands of activities for them to do, including special activities with horses to capture their imagination in fun and interesting ways.

La Tenuta Agricola Uccellina Tuscany farmhouse is set in 400 hectors of picturesque countryside, of which, 300 are wooded forest, all situated within the Tuscany Maremma Wild Reserve, (also known as Uccellina’s park). Inside the park, you can make the most of various activities such as trekking, horse riding, bike rentals, coastal excursion and walks in the countryside to take in the breathtaking views on offer. How active you wish to be on your holiday is completely up to you.

La Tenuta Uccellina Tuscany farm house is unique in the sense that it couples beauty in a natural setting whilst incorporating countless activities to take part in. The farmhouse is completely surrounded by countryside  and inside the park itself, you may come across wild animals grazing whilst you’re having a walk or when you’re on one of our guided excursions.

All food served at the La Tenuta Uccellina farmhouse is organic and prepared on-site. We can assure you the quality of our food is paramount and furthermore when you taste it we hope you will feel the same. Many of our visitors choose to buy the food and bring it home with them. Food is available to purchase at the resort or online.

Each farmhouse is divided into warm and welcoming self-catering apartments, with a range of  sizes to choose from. All are situated inside the park and furnished in true typical Tuscan style. To enhance your stay further, you can count on the kindness of our staff, highly qualified and always proactively responding to all your holiday needs.

The mix of beautiful landscape, beaches, quality food and range of activities for all ages make “La Tenuta Uccelina” a special and unique stay and satisfies those who wish to experience a real “Made in Italy” holiday.“

Here are the pictures that I took during my 2 day visit.

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