Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WIN TWO NIGHTS at an AUSTRIAN SKI RESORT for YOU and FIVE of your FRIENDS by Philip S. Kampe

Numerous e-mails cross my desk with information abut wine and spirits.

Rarely does one appear that is a CONTEST where you, the consumer or trade person, can WIN. This one is about a typical 'SOCIAL NETWORK POPULARITY CONTEST', where the WINNER receives two nights at a "TOP AUSTRIAN SKI RESORT" for himself and five friends.

This is how it reads: "STROH RUM presents "SEPP YOURSELF"
STROH RUM has come up with a new way to bring the "SPIRIT OF AUSTRIA" to all ski, and of course, STROH fans. Stroh's latest web and mobile application,'STROH-APP' is an easy way for ski and Stroh fans, alike to digitally transform into a real 'SEPP'.

Simply upload a picture of yourself (or a friend) and choose from four different SEPP models at www.SeppYourself.com. Post it on FACEBOOK, share with your friends, and add it to the SEPPGallery for a chance to WIN 'SEPP of the YEAR'.

The SEPP with the most 'LIKES', along with FIVE of his/her friends will win a Two-Night 'BIG' apres ski 'HUTTENGAUDI' in a Top Austrian ski resort.

You may ask 'What is SEPP'? SEPP is an abbreviated name for Sebastion, as in SEBASTIAN STROH, founder of STROH RUM.

For the 2011/2012 winter season of "HUTTENGAUDI", SEPP will be the Official Stroh Ambassador.

Visit wwww.OurNiche.com to learn more about the contest and STROH'80' RUM, STROH '60'RUM and STROH JAGERTEE products.

Good Luck if you enter and please add me as one of your friends!


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