Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who knew that at times WATER is my Favorite beverage? And FERRARELLE (Italian) is at the "TOP of my LIST" by Philip S. Kampe

I guess ALL of us have one thing in common. We ALL Drink Water.

At times at Trade wine events, there is an opportunity to sample over 1000 wines in one day. It's a task that most of us can't take on without hydrating the body. And that means drinking water when our body tells us to do so.

As crazy as it may seem, I find that, at times, I prefer drinking water to drinking wine. Maybe it's my body telling me something or maybe as refreshing as a glass of either Moscato or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc can be, water seems to fit the bill.

Last week I attended a wine dinner in New York at a Famous Italian Restaurant, LEOPOLD at Des ARTES (1 West 67th). Wine and food were the focus, of course. As the meal progressed, the waiters started pouring a NATURAL water that I was not familiar with in the United States. It was FERRARELLE, a well known natural water from Italy. The waiter poured a glass of the SPARKLING and my eyes lit up. So, for the next hour and a a half, I drank seven full glasses of this wonderful water and thought that I had never had water so good.

I went home, did a little homework and this is what I learned:
+ Ancient Romans drank Ferraealle water.
+ The water has been bottled since 1893.
+ Ferrarelle is naturally carbonated.
+ Ferrarelle is from volcanic origin not far from Naples.
+ The drops of rain that fall on the extinct Roccamonfina volcano percolate underground through the rocks. At the end of a 12 mile journey that lasts 10 years, Ferrarelle natural water is born.
+ The water contains healthy minerals including calcium, potassium, silica, bicarbonates and carbon dioxide.

As we know, CALCIUM is important for strong bones and teeth; POTASSIUM helps reinforce the muscular system; SILICA is essential to retard the aging process of tissues and BICARBONATES help facilitate digestion.

Ferrarelle natural water starts at the SORGENTI di RIARDO PARK, close to Naples. It is an uncontaminated area of volcanic origin that preserves 325 acres of protected land, home to birds, animals and over 5,000 olive trees.

No wonder I loved this Natural water from Italy.
It is Italy's #1 Sparkling Water.

It is being introduced into the United States, market by market.
Try it when it comes to your market and you will taste what I mean.

Ferrarelle also supports UNICEF ITALIA and donates drinking water to several African countries, including Chad and Eritrea.

(They both are of volcanic origin)


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