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The Sauza Tequila story

Three Generations of “Dons”

The rich history of Sauza Tequila began in 1873, when visionary Don Cenobio Sauza founded the Sauza Distillery.
As the quality of his tequila distillation advanced, his son, Don Eladio Sauza joined in the process. Don Eladio was a true businessman who led the family into success during one of the most turbulent times in Mexican history.
Don Eladio Suaza’s son, Don Francisco Javier Sauza, followed the footsteps of his grandfather and father. He helped Sauza Tequila grow into an international company.
The name of Tres Generaciones translates to the obvious homage to the three generations that led Sauza into stardom. The “Three ‘Dons,’” as they are known to the world, have led Sauza’s growth from 1873 to the present time.
In honor of the Three Dons, Sauza named a tequila line after the three generations, hence Tres Generaciones. The three founders have left a mark on the legacy of Sauza Tequila and are setting the bar high in the tequila industry.
All Tres Generaciones tequilas are made with hand-picked, 100-percent blue agave and are triple distilled. Add organic to the scenario and the distillation process changes.
Organic fermentation is slower and brings out different notes in the flavor of the tequila.
There are three different varieties of Tres Generaciones, Plata, Reposado and Anejo. Each has its distinct character, but all share the characteristics of authentic agave flavor, smooth drinking style and supreme quality. These qualities date back to 1873 and embrace the wisdom and secret distillation techniques of the three Dons.
The Plata is an un-aged, crystal clear agave that is well-balanced and very smooth on the palate. I could not detect any burn or bite; in fact, the herb flavor with spicy characteristics was overly pleasurable. At $43.99, this is a perfect, flawless tequila to open the road for tequila curiosity.
The next step or level upwards in the tequila process is Reposado. The difference in flavor from Plata to Reposado is in the aging process, as well as where the tequila rests for aging.
Reposado is aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of four months. The oak makes the difference and creates numerous flavor profiles the Plata cannot achieve because of the lack of oak. In the wine world, the analogy is simple: stainless steel aging versus oak aging, each has their merits.
The Reposado is sweet and spicy with tones of agave and herbs mixed with a subtle white-pepper undertone. Like the Plata, the Reposado is smooth and elegant with a drop of sweetness that resembles dried figs. Reposado is $46.99 and a true bargain.
The highest achievement in the Sauza Tres Generaciones Organic series is the Anejo ($73.99). Anejo is aged 12 months in once-used American bourbon barrels. This special tequila is known as being rich and smoky with an array of subtle flavors, including vanilla and mint. I found the Anejo to be smooth, round and complex. The flavor profile starts with a brown sugar flavor followed by smoky oak and agave. As with bourbon, the finish was warm oak, smoky and minty.
With the holidays upon us, consider learning about the wonderful tequilas from Sauza, specifically the Plata, Reposado and Anejo “Tres Generaciones” collection.
If you want to go one step further, look for the newly-released Casa Sauza XA, Edicion Limitada. This is Sauza’s first Extra0 Anejo and is aged for three years in small American new and once-used oak barrels. After my first sip I realized this was a truly elegant and sophisticated tequila.
The tequila captivates your senses and is easily the most memorable tequila I have sampled. At $150 a bottle, I am sure this limited edition of 12,000 bottles will vanish quickly.
Let’s raise our glass to the accomplishments of the Three Dons.


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maria d. said...

There is always so much more to companies than their label name. In this case, Sauza, is well know, but, not known for the information that you shared with your readers.
Thank you.

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