Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vacation 'In-Style' in Italy--a look at Synergy International by Philip S. Kampe

Recently I ran into a dynamic duo who have turned their passion of excellence into a trendy, sophisticated, upscale ‘state-of-the-art’ hospitality business. The brains behind Synergy International are SABINA GALDIOLO and ENRICO COSTA. Both are veteran hospitality gurus who have worked their dreams through the maze of luxury hotels that create the core of Italy’s finest ‘boutique’ hotels.
Together, they have created, possibly, the best network of intimate villas, hotels and resorts that exist in the world. Yes, that is a big statement!
The truth is that when Sabina and Enrico joined forces, their passion ignited a joint effort to seek out only the most luxurious boutique  resorts in Italy as their clients.
Their clients, all top-notch resorts, offer luxury to their guests.
Sabina and Enrico offer personalized sales and marketing solutions for hotels, spas, villas, resorts and golf destinations. They are considered the Best in the Industry. 
Their purpose is to deliver tailor made, adaptable strategies for short-term responses and long-term results, which include sales support, strategic planning, leadership and innovative solutions to achieve concrete objectives for their customers satisfaction.
Their knowledge of Italy and its peculiarities has given them ‘know how’ in the hospitality business to create competence in achieving quality services in the sales and marketing arena. 
As a well-traveled journalist who has had the opportunity to stay in some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world and a devotee of the SINA hotel group, where both Sabina and Enrico once worked, I believe their collection of hotels, villas and resorts rival the ‘Best of the Best in Italy’.
For all of my readers, including travel agents, the list of their luxury properties include:
Hotel d’Inghilterra   Rome, Lazio
Residenza di Ripetta  Rome, Lazio
Castello Banfi  Montalcino, Siena, Toscana
Grand Hotel Continental   Sienna, Toscana
Hotel Helvetia & Bristol  Fierenze, Toscana
Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort   Saturnia, Toscana
Borgo di Castelvecchio   Val D’Orcia, Toscana
Villa il Poggiale  San Casciano Val di Pesa, Fierenze, Toscana
Villa Del Quar  Pedemonte,Verona,Veneto
Aqualux Hotel Spa Suite & Terme  Bordolino, Veneto
Uptown Palace & grand Visconti Palace   Milano, Lombardia
Palace Bonvecchiati & Hotel Bonvecchiati  Venezia, Veneto
Hotel Villa Mochelangelo  Arcugnano, Vincenza, Veneto
Villa Marina Capri Hotel & Spa  Capri, Campania
Grand Hotel Parker’s  Napoli, Campania
Punta Molino Hotel beach resort & Spa,  Ischia, Campania
Relais Histo’  San Pietro sul Mar Piccolo, Taranto, Puglia
Hotel villa Athena   Agrigento, Sicilia
Hotel Principe di Villafranca & Hotel Plaza Opera  Palermo, Sicilia

With the edition of the luxurious Swiss Diamond Hotel in Lugano, Switzerland, Sabina and Enrico are branching out to find the best ‘Boutique’ resorts throughout the world.
My next journey to Italy will certainly include a visit to many of the Synergy International properties that Sabina Galdiolo and Enrico Costa manage.
To contact either Sabina or Enrico, feel free to e-mail them at:  or visit their website at:



Charles A. said...

What a good idea for our Wedding Anniversary!

Randolph S. said...

A good idea for our companies annual meeting--a resort in Italy.

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