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Trias Batlle is 'Winning the Battle' of D.O.Penedes & D.O. Cava by Philip S. Kampe

                                      Think Trias Batlle and think ‘Wine’

The Trias family (D.O.Penedes & D.O. Cava) has been in the wine business for nearly one-hundred years. They have been part of the ‘core industry in Penedes’, building their reputation in bulk table wine until the 1960’s,when the son of 1932 founder, Josep Trias Batlle took over the business and focused his leadership energy on building a long-lasting reputation by bottling table wines instead of bulk wines.

It didn’t take long for son Josep to begin Cava production, as well, a commodity that cannot be sold in bulk.

Cava production began at Trias Batlle in the 1980’s.

Josep saw the future.

Today, the business is managed by brothers Pep and Rai Trias Via, the grandchildren of the founder. They are innovative partners who are working on a new wine project in their spare time.

Presently, the 3rd generation has taken Trias Batlle to a level of sophisticated, high-quality wines, certainly wines that would have made founder Josep Trias Batlle proud.

At both an outdoor sampling at a table set-up in a nearby vineyard and an all-out dinner with Pep, Rai and their uncle Pere Via, in the courtyard of the winery, the portfolio of the wines from Trias Batlle paired perfectly with classic food from Penedes. It  made me realize how far Trias Batlle has come from 1932 to today.

Success at Trias Batlle comes from hard work, a winemaking philosophy of balancing new technology with old world values and honest leadership. It is evident by the quality and the personality of the wines that Pep and Rai Trias Via see the future, while not forgetting the past.

During the eight hours that was spent in the company of Pep and Rai, I was fortunate enough their portfolio of wines. Besides the Blanc de Blancs, the rose and the red, I enjoyed immensely include the 18-48 month aged Cavas, a 12 month aged Cabernet Sauvignon and a barrel fermented Xarel.lo.

                                                       Trias Batlle Blanc de Blancs
                                                   Trias Batlle Xarel.lo (barrel fermented)
                                                       Trias Batlle Brut Nature Reserva

                                                            Trias Batlle Brut Reserva
                                                                   Trias Batlle Red
                                                      Brothers Pep and Rai Trias Via
                                                Sampling wines in the vineyard

Trias Batlle Brut Reserva-D.O. Cava
Production: 30,000 bottles
Alcohol: 11.5%
Grapes: 40% Macabeu; 30% Xarel.lo; 30% Parellada
Aged: 18 months
Dry, clean and memorable, this tasty bubble is perfect for food. In fact, you could serve this Cava with a complete meal, due its body, structure and flexibility.

Trias Batlle Brut Nature Gran Reserva-D.O. Cava
Production: 15,000 bottles
Alcohol: 11.5%
Grapes: 40% Xarel.lo; 30% Macabeu; 20% Parellada
Aged: 48 months (4 years)
An ideal aperitif that is clean, bubbly and persistent, with flavors of almond, gooseberry and lemony vanilla. This Cava can be served at special occasions because of its elegant structure.

2011 Trias Batlle Cabernet Sauvignon
Production: 5,000 bottles
Alcohol: 12.5%
Grape: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Aged: 18 months in French oak barrels and 24 months in bottle
Big, bold and silky, this complex wine explodes with deep dark fruit and coffee flavors followed by saddle leather and licorice. Cellar ageing is a possibility, although, the wine is fully approachable today.

2015 Trias Batlle Xarel.lo (barrel fermented)
Production: 4,000 bottles
Alcohol: 13%
Grape: 100% Xarel.lo
Aromas of roasting apricots in a fireplace abound. Intriguing outdoor flavors of undergrowth and dry hay pair well with the dominant vanilla and almond theme. Well-balanced, smooth and lingering, this barrel fermented Xarel.lo is a must try.

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