Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time for a break.

Fellow #winelover-s and dear friends,
After consulting with some of my closest friends and core members of this community, I decided that it was best to make public that I’m taking a break (yes, this relationship is very personal and emotional) from managing the internal affairs of the #winelover community. I have been spending many hours every week, working on different projects to try to make our community better, but now it seems that I totally lost my patience in dealing with the “politics” involved in it. Not only that, I have things that are very important in my personal life as well and I will make good use of the extra time to improve this aspect of my life.
It doesn’t mean that I’ll stop supporting the community. After all, I am its founder and I have all the intentions to help it keep going strong. That means that I’ll still work to keep the group “spam free”, promote things that fellow #winelover-s do, attend events when I can, etc. I just don’t have the will to put my heart and soul to get things done when the rejection for the things I am trying to do seems to be bigger than the support for it.
It feels like a “back to the the basics” decision. We didn’t have complicated political discussions when we started, perhaps we don’t need then now. However, it doesn’t mean that it is forever either. This is a temporary decision that I may revert if I find that my heart will find joy in doing it again. Time will tell...
I still have to decide what I’ll do about the future of the #winelover against cancer foundation, but this is a conversation for another day.
Anyway, my apologies for what looks to be a negative message, but I had to express that I just can't take the pain of having to justify everything I do or say any longer.
With that being said, I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity of meeting some of my dearest friends during our "#winelover journey" and nobody can take that away from me... so thank you so much again for all the support through the years!!
We will make something good out of this.

Luiz Alberto

  • Master of Wine candidate
  • Member of the Circle of Wine Writers
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