Friday, December 14, 2018

New Zealand Wines Are More Then Sauvignon Blanc by Philip S. Kampe

After spending more then a month in New Zealand, I have to come to appreciate the complexities of the varied terrain and micro climates that exist in both the South and North Island of New Zealand.

Besides being a beautiful country, made up mostly, on the South Island, of farmers, the focus on growing varietals is the focus of those who are in the business.

There are 30 million sheep, 5 million cows and only 4.9 million people in New Zealand.

Fewer border collies then one would expect.

The land is beautiful and the wines are outstanding.

I will share a few of my finds,wine wise in a future blog.

I'm just letting you know that I am back and will start posting as I have in the past.

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you....
Philip S. Kampe

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