Thursday, September 18, 2008

Live twitter wine tasting today!

Wineries twittering? We are now in an era where blogging, twittering, and IMing are as common as phonecalls and emails. I was skeptical when I heard that my own winery was going to be the 3rd only (and 1st domestic!) winery to host a twitter tasting but as I did more research into the many different brands and wineries out there who are using these tools to reach out to a broader base of consumers, I suddenly thought, "How smart!" After all, our goal is to pursue every possible opportunity of reaching an interested audience for our wines/winery, and thereby possibly a new customer. We collect emails, we have tons of events in order to get people out to our remote location, we spend as much time as possible with every customer who enters our doors..............
Then why not a blog or a twitter tasting? We're doing both. Check out Michel-Schlumberger's benchland blog at: or join us all in a twitter tasting this evening (check out the above link!)

It's new but it's exciting.


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