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Friday, July 31, 2009

Wine & Health : Wine as a Sexual Medicine

Skeptics who are not yet convinced about the health benefits should try wine as a sexual medicine, if they can believe the findings of the latest study suggesting that levels of sexual desire are higher in women who drink red wine in moderation compared to teetotalers or those drinking liquor.

The research was reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine last week and was carried out by a team of (who else, but!) Italian doctors.

One theory put forward by these researchers who carried out the study is that the anti-oxidants found in red wine may improve sexual functioning by increasing blood flow to key areas of the body by widening the blood vessels, cautioning but nevertheless suggesting a potential relationship between red wine consumption and better sexuality.

The project, supposed to be the first of its kind examined red wine intake and the sexual function of 800 sexually healthy women between the age group of 18-50, at the University of Florence. They were split into three groups- one group drank one or two glasses, another group drank less than one glass and a third group didn't drink at all. Those drinking more than two glasses of wine were excluded from the study.

The participants answered a questionnaire called the Female Sexual Function index used by the doctors to assess sexual health of women. It includes 19 questions with a total score ranging between 2- 36, with higher scores meaning better functioning.

Those who drank one or two glasses of red wine a day scored an average of 27.3 points. Those who drank less than one scored 25.9, while non-drinkers scored 24.4.

According to the report published by the London Telegraph on Sunday, the findings are even more striking because the red wine drinkers were, on average, older than the other two groups, and age is generally associated with a declining sex drive.

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Anonymous said...

Some time ago a friend of mine as we were tasting some tannat liquor said to me:
"This wine gives a funny sensation on my legs..."
Then I asked:
"Does it make them shake?"
She said:
"No, it opens them."

JoelDee/Berlin said...

Without the questions they asked, this post is worthless. Did the doctors furnish the wine? Personally? Was the doctor(s) who got stuck over-seeing the non-drinking group an Italian(hard to believe). It leaves me with a feeling the Florentine Doctores had nothing better to do but ease-drop on foolish red wine drinking women. However, and as a male, one redeeming quality of this piece will be my intense observations of what color wine women are drinking - one learns something every day.

Anonymous said...

My wife likes red wine. If only it was true....

Blake Brown said...

It is debateable as to whether this study is valid or not. More info is needed to assess. Regardless, wine is purported to enhacnce circulation and it would seem reasonable to assume this is true throughout the body; therefore, all cells receive increased blood flow and that is a good thing. Sex sells, thus the interest in this study. Any added benefits from wine only support my intense passion for this wonderful world.

Blake Brown

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Anonymous said...

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dhallbibi said...

or they just want to increase the sales of red wine, hmmmm?

Kane David said...

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xlpharmacy said...

That's because wine is a healthy drink if taken moderately! It is also good for the heart and blood flow. "Wine as a Sexual Medicine" is a good title! lol

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