Wednesday, September 16, 2009


As a New Orleanian, I was made aware at a tender young age that when invited over to someone's house for a meal or a get together, it was obvious that a gift was in store for the host.
Lately, wine has been the answer, for most of us.
Recently, I ran across two new products that are perfect for hostess gifts....specifically an incredible cheese course set from The Cheese Ambassador that contains American Artisanal Cheeses ( Aged Gouda from Wisconsin; a Three year old Amish cheddar from Pennsylvania and a cave aged blue from Minnesota) and The Mediterranean Cheese Course ( Tipsy Goat from Spain; Port Salut from France and Piave from Italy). These wonderfully, classy boxed sets of cheese offer a simple solution for serving an elegant cheese course that would easily liven up a party. Besides the cheese, included is a comprehnsive guide with tasting notes, serving tips and pairing suggestions. If you can't find the Cheese Ambassador in your favorite store, feel free to contact Sara Kahn (president) at (201) 526-4730 or via e-mail at
The second hostess gift I found is related to the old standby wine bottle, but, in this case it is a new product on the market that makes all other bottled Sangrias taste like nothing. After three years on this journey, SENOR SANGRIA has arrived. It is a premium, natural, unfiltered, blended locally (New York), made in small batch sangria that is in it's own niche. You simply shake the bottle, pour it over ice and enjoy. SENOR SANGRIA is a red sangria, but, in the next year, they will market a White Sangria and Sangria Coolers. Look for SENOR SANGRIA at your favorite wine shop or call Courtney Connolly at (888) 860-9055 x 106 to find out locations.
Bottles come in 750ml and 1.5liters...
Bring both the CHEESE AMBASSADOR and SENOR SANGRIA to a party, picnic or outdoor concert. Life couldn't get much better.

Philip S. Kampe
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