Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sampling of Wine Reviews

Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I have simply done a series of wine reviews so I thought I would do that today to highlight three Prince Edward County wines that are about to be released. I've put them in the order that they will be released - either at the winery or through the LCBO Vintages program - and I hope you enjoy them. I highly recommend getting your hands on all three of them and, in the case of the first two, preorder them today so you are not disappointed. By the way, I've listed the reviews in the order they are going to be released as indicated by the wineries.

Lacey Estates Vineyard and Winery 2008 Baco Noir
11.2% alc./vol.
$20 per bottle
Available at the winery only after Saturday, March 27th 2010 or by pre-order now.
Call (613) 399-2598 or email Cynthia@laceyestates.com
Blacker than SIN – that’s the only way to describe the colour – and the aromas and flavours are equally sinful. Abundant blackberry followed by a hint of bing cherry, blueberry and raspberry on the nose – talk about a fruit bomb. The texture is silky and slightly chewy with that familiar blackberry coming through, good acidity in the mid palate, slight blueberry, a very faint hit of mint and slight pepper on the finish. This would be great with duck, steak, game meats, roasts – anything you would put a Zinfandel or a Shiraz with would work with this wine.

Lacey Estates Vineyard and Winery 2009 Gewurztraminer
13.4% alc./vol.
$22 per bottle
Available at the winery only after Saturday, March 27th 2010 or by pre-order now.
Call (613) 399-2598 or email Cynthia@laceyestates.com
There’s something captivating about a wine that is the colour of gold – it has almost the same appeal as a deep ruby red wine – and this wine definitely holds you captive as you look at it in the glass. It takes a bit of swirl for the aromas to come through but when they do you are hit with the unmistakable lychee and rose aromas so commonly associated with true Alsatian Gewurztraminers. The lychee and rose continue on to the palate where they are joined with a major hit of spice, perfect acidity and amazing balance. My first instinct is to want to pair this with Thai food because it is such a classic pairing but – on second thought – Blackened Salmon with rice and asparagus would be just as great.

Black Prince Winery 2008 Riesling

11.0 % alc/vol
$18.95 per bottle
LCBO Vintages release (April 17th)or at the winery directly.
This is very far from a typical Riesling and it definitely fits into my category of "dangerous" wines. A "dangerous" wine is one that can be drunk so easily you don't realize you've drunk a whole bottle until you empty it because it is so light and tasty you don't think you're drinking alcohol of any sort. Since some of my family and I went through the bottle in the space of an hour one day - which equated to a couple of glasses each - this wine definitely fits the definition.

The aromas are a mix of melon, apple, pear and a slight hit of lemon which continues on to the palate where it joins lime and some wonderful effervescence. Honestly, when you smell this wine and definitely when you taste it, it feels almost like a Chardonnay but then the citrus kicks in and you know it's a Riesling. I would pair this with a bowl of fruit salad or lightly sauced pasta and most chicken dishes - so long as they're not overly spicy.
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