Thursday, May 27, 2010

A monthly quiz about Austria and its wines. With great prizes!

Dear wine lover,

A new wine quiz is available @ .
Go show how much you know about Austria and its wines!

This special quiz is being offered to you by the European Wine Bloggers Conference that will take place in Vienna later this year (October 22-24).
Haven't you heard about this event yet? Go to
and sign up while you still can. Places are limited!

What makes this quiz special? We're giving prizes every month to the 5 best players!
Whoever gets on the top of the scores of the month will win the great book "Genesis Vines Grapes Wine" - - offered by Wines From Austria.
2nd to 5th places will get a brand new TheWineHub t-shirt with the quote "Small People Talk About Things, Average People Talk About Ideas And Great People Talk About Wine."
A random player (independent of the score) also gets a t-shirt!
Then, in October during the EWBC, the highest score of the October quiz (to be played "live" in Vienna) will get our best prize ever... Apple's new Ipad!!

If you are new to the quiz, it's a multiple choice questionnaire that displays a mix of levels of difficulty, so wine lovers at different stages of expertise can enjoy it.

Scoring System - This is how the scoring system works:
4 questions “beginner” = 125 points each - 4 questions “intermediate” = 100 points each - 2 questions “advanced” = 50 points each - Total = 1,000 points

All the Austrian quizzes are revised by Wines From Austria. If you want to know more about them...

Enjoy the game!

TheWineHub Team

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