Monday, May 17, 2010


On Thursday evening,May 20th, The Roosevelt Hotel (Madison at 45th Street) will be home to New York's LARGEST Single MALT SCOTCH and WHISKY tasting. The event is co-hosted by the Robb Report and The Single Malt Scotch and Whisky Society.

Tickets are $120 for Society members or a $135 for non-members.

For Membership in this Esclusive Society, visit or call 1-800-990-1991 to learn the advantages of membership.

The Single Malt and Whisky Extravaganza takes place in 13 cities throughout America. The Spring 2010 Tour ends in NYC and is a must for any serious single malt scotch and whisky enthusiast.

The Extravagana was and is the first tasting that offers both the Novice and Discerning enthusiast the opportunity to taste over 100 prestigious varieties of single malt scotch and whiskies. Scotlands Single Malts and Whiskies will be sampled, along with Single Malts from Ireland and Japan.

The Objective of the evening is to promote the Appreciation and discerning consumption of the Finest Whisky in the World. The scotch and whisky pourers will educate you with their knowledge and understanding of those whiskies they pour.

Included in the entrance fee will be a buffet, a souviner tasting glass, premium cigars, raffle prizes and a copy of the latest Robb Report.

Prior to the tasting, a Whisky Extravaganza Symposium will take place at 5:30pm. The Whisky Panel will answer any and all of your questions. Alan Shayne, President of SMWSA will present Opening Remarks.

The tasting takes place from 6:30-9pm.

Visit to purchase tickets, before the event is SOLD OUT!!

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