Friday, March 18, 2011


CIVIDINA , distilled by BEPI TOSOLINI, from Italy's northeastern region, FRIULI, is made the
the centuries old way: MANUALLY and in traditional COPPER STILLS.

What is GRAPPA? Grappa is an aromatic BRANDY distilled from the solid parts of the grape that remain after pressing. The solid parts are referred to as POMACE.

A true Grappa, like CIVIDINA, by law, must be distilled in ITALY with fermentation and distillation of the POMACE occurring without the additon of water.

What occurs is MAGIC!!

CIVIDINA is very soft on the palate, with notes of peach, apricot and almonds. The aroma is crisp and flowery with hints of citrus oil.

CIVIDINA (40% alcohol) is a pleasure to drink for the first time Grappa drinker, as well as the long time Grappa drinker. There are many Grappa's in the market, many flavored like the Vodka's of the 90's, but, none as TRADITIONAL and TASTY as CIVIDINA.

CIVIDINA has been producing it's aromatic spirits for over 60 years, using the original recipe, formula and distillation method.

Bottled in ONE LITER containers and retailing in the $40 range, CIVIDINA is a true MUST BUY for all Grappa Lovers......

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