Saturday, March 5, 2011

Visit Quinta do Vale Dona Maria - FTLOP Tour

As part of the amazing trip that Roy Hersh and Mario Ferreira put together, on February 24th we had the opportunity to visit Cristiano van Zeller at Quinta do Vale Dona Maria. The van Zeller family has possibly the deepest tentacles of any family in the Douro and if you mention a name... they are somehow related to Cristiano; as in a "six degrees of separation" way that you'll find humorous. The property is in a gorgeous part of the Douro, the various van Zeller Douro wines are great, Ports improving every year and this man knows about as much as anybody when it comes to the history of the Douro. Oh yeah, his family owned Quinta do Noval for nearly a century and also Quinta de Roriz until it was sold a little over a year ago.

This visit is going to be included in the documentary that is been filmed and produced by Zev Robinson.
Casting of this episode: Cristiano Van Zeller, Joana Van Zeller, Roy Hersh, Mario Ferreira, Sandy Becker, Ruth Becker, Luiz Alberto and, of course, the wonderful Douro Valley and its incredible wines.

I tried to capture with these pictures the beauty of the property and a little bit of the incredible hospitality of the Van Zeller family.
We had a great time that afternoon...
Muito Obrigado!!!

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